Leaked Google Pixel 8 Pro promo video reveals a massive video upgrade

Google's next flagship will make it much easier to produce cleaner clips

Google Pixel 7 Pro
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is expected to launch within weeks, and that means the marketing materials and promo videos are already being made – and one of the latter has leaked.

The promotional video for the Google Pixel 8 Pro shows the Google flagship in a new blue colour option and also reveals a seriously useful video upgrade.

A version of the leaked video was posted to Twitter by leaker EZ, who explains that "the new Pixel 8 series will introduce Audio Magic Eraser feature to reduce video background noise". That would remove unwanted sounds from your clips, something that's an enormous pain to do manually. 

The Magic Eraser name suggests that, like the photo feature of the same name, it'll use AI-based machine learning tools to analyse your video clips, work out what's unwanted and get shot of it without you having to lift a finger. If it works as well as the photo feature does, it's going to be a real boon to serious video makers and home video shooters alike.

According to EZ, the feature is coming to the Pixel 8 Pro and to the Pixel 8 too.

Why the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro could be big upgrades

The launch of the Google Pixel 8 is expected to be in October 2023 with a slight price increase over the Pixel 7 models; it is predicted to be priced somewhere between $649 and $699, which is between $50 and $100 more than the Pixel 7. The Pro is likely to increase in price too; it's currently $899 but a price of $999 is rumoured this time around.

There are likely to be some significant improvements to the hardware for both phones, which will move to the newer Tensor G3 processor. That's reportedly a lot faster and more efficient than before, with improved graphics power too. 

Both phones are reportedly moving to the ISOCELL GN2 main camera, and the Pro is apparently getting an upgrade to its Sony IMX787 sensor on the ultrawide camera alongside improved autofocus. The camera upgrades will deliver signfiicantly better low light performance and possibly higher resolution/frame rate video. 

Those are the headline upgrades, but there's much more: faster charging, DisplayPort over USB-C and even a temperature sensor. We'll find out for sure in the next few weeks.

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