Just how tough is Gorilla Glass? Mythbusters tests it out...

Apparently we're living in the Glass Age. Don't tell Google.

Gorilla Glass adorns many of our modern smartphones, with the transparent technology promising to withstand knocks, drops and scratches far better than standard glass. It's certainly more hardy, which isn't particularly difficult, but just how strong is it?

A new series of videos by the Mythbusters team (essentially two ageing men with too much time on their hands and a TV production budget. Oh and one of them always wears a beret) puts Gorilla Glass to the test in an attempt to find out just how durable this glass is.

Not only do they put Gorilla Glass through its paces, but the videos also give you an idea of how durable glass works.

Check out the two videos below to see just how Gorilla Glass got on. And a word of warning - don't try this with your smartphone at home.

Durable smartphones

Gorilla Glass isn't the only technology that's being used to protect our smartphones even in the most accident-prone hands.

Durable shells

Companies such as Sonim Tech and Caterpillar have made a name for themselves with sturdy and rugged smartphones. They might lack the svelte aesthetics of Apple's finest, but if you're often taking your phone in extreme and dangerous environments, you'll have to make do with a slightly bulky handset.


Big name brands like Sony and Samsung have embraced waterproof technology for their flagship handsets. Although you'll still want to avoid deep-sea diving with them on you, these phones can withstand heavy rain and accidental drops into puddles, pints and pools.

Even better, most of the time the waterproofing technology doesn't impact on the overall look of the smartphone either. Just take a look at Sony's fantastic looking waterproof Xperia Z3 as proof that you don't have to sacrifice looks for durability.