Jason Momoa got in shape for Aquaman 2 with a very non-aquatic workout

Dune star Jason Momoa is excited to be back in the gym, in preparation for his next big role as Aquaman

Jason Momoa in front of a climbing gym
(Image credit: Jason Momoa/Youtube)

Jason Momoa is awesome. He looks like an honest dude who gets genuinely excited over many things, including throwing knives into walls and, as it turns out, indoor climbing. And it's probably for the best that he likes climbing as he needs to get in shape for his next big role as the titular superhero in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Well, when I say he needs to get in shape, I don't mean Jason is not in top form already. Sure, he is a bit chunky now, but it's not like everyone needs to walk around year-round with sub-10% body fat, right? Chris Hemsworth doesn't miss a chance to show off his six-pack abs on Instagram, but that doesn't mean others have to follow suit.

Let's not get caught up on Chris H, though – I do that quite often as is – and circle back to Jason Momoa. In a recent video posted on his Youtube channel, Jason talks about getting in shape for Aquaman 2 since he apparently "hasn't been training as much as he should" in the past few months.

After running out of the gym's entrance half-naked (in pure Jason Momoa style), he paces around in the gym for a while, followed by a climbing session with his friends and acquaintances. And although we don't actually get to see the whole climbing workout, from what I can tell, Jason can climb pretty well still, despite him not having access to walls during the pandemic/lockdown.

Even just looking at that video thumbnail above, you can see that Jason is very much in shape, but sure enough, doing some climbing will probably help him trim down his waistline a bit so he can reveal that six-pack he's got hiding under his belly at the moment.

Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but I'm sure Warner Bros would like to see a leaner Aquaman, meaning that Jason needs to do a bit more high-intensity training so in order to rid his body from the flab. And judging by how excitedly he runs around in that climbing gym, I'm sure he doesn't mind getting rid of belly fat by climbing steep walls indoors.

Why should you try indoor climbing like Jason Momoa

Climbing is an excellent way to get in shape. According to Jump and Climb, "Climbing strengthens your hands and forearms, biceps, shoulders, neck, traps, upper back, lats, lower back, abs, glutes, thighs and calves. Your entire body, including cardiovascular systems, benefits from climbing."

It's kind of like doing kettlebell swings; climbing is also somewhere between cardio workouts and 'functional' muscle training as it uses a lot of 'pull' muscles, including lats and biceps, as well as the core while burning loads of calories.

Climbing also has the benefit of being somewhat of an isometric exercise too. A great example of an isometric move is the plank (here is how to plank correctly), where you hold one position for an extended period, completely exhausting the muscles.

When trying to find the next position for your hands or legs during climbing, you essentially do the same thing when you brace your core during planks—the perfect way to build bigger biceps and a large back.

Haven't got a climbing gym near you? Try doing pull-ups at home using a pull-up bar. Suspension trainers take up even less space than pull up bars but provide an excellent way to train your 'pull' muscles. Or just get a pair of dumbbells (or adjustable dumbbells) and curl away. Your call.

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