Is your running style in step with your shoes? New research suggests otherwise

Research reveals that three-quarters of runners could be wearing the wrong footwear

Group of runners on the road wearinf Adidas Adizero SL running shoes
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Are you running on borrowed time, or are your shoes running you into trouble? According to the latest Running Report, a staggering 75% of runners could be lacing up footwear that isn't doing their feet any favours.

The report reveals some eye-opening truths about the world of running shoes. For starters, only a measly quarter of runners swap out their shoes as often as recommended, after clocking 300-450 miles (500-750 kilometres).

But it's not just about how many miles you rack up; it's how you run them. Shockingly, less than 1 in 10 runners have had a gait analysis done, meaning that most of us run without knowing what type of trainers we should be using.

That said, the Balanced Runner Paul Mackinnon's expert advice is not to toss out your old kicks just yet. Save them for your everyday jaunts, and let your freshest pair take the lead on the track. After all, why let worn-out shoes put a dent in your PB dreams?

And if you're wondering what type of runner you are, you're not alone—over 90% of runners have no clue.

Even more puzzlingly, at-home gait analysis is super simple. With tools like the wet footprint test and online gait analysis tools, you can unravel the mystery of your gait in a matter of minutes.

Dan Cartner, Head of Marketing at, is on a mission to keep runners on the right track. "We hope that by sparking more conversation around this, runners can lace up with confidence and sidestep any unnecessary hurdles on their running journeys," he says.

So, before you pound the pavement, make sure your shoes are ready to go the distance. After all, it's not just about running; it's about running smart.

Read's full Running Report here.

Matt Kollat
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