iPhone users look like they're getting some huge iOS 16 upgrades

A new report says iOS 16 is going to pack some interesting and useful updates for iPhone users

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Apple is getting ready to unveil iOS 16 at WWDC next month and we really can't wait, especially now that the rumours are piling up for what to expect. 

While we're unlikely to see the iPhone 14 at the June event, we will be getting a decent look at iOS 16, the next version of macOS, and maybe some cool hardware upgrades, like a new iPad

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, an ever-reliable source for everything Apple, the company has some tricks up its sleeve.

Gurman revealed some details in his weekly Power On newsletter, saying that Apple wasn't planning a major visual redesign but will introduce some "fresh Apple apps", new widgets, and more.

The newsletter unfortunately doesn't go into any great detail but Apple has been rumoured to be developed Apple Classical, a music streaming service focused solely on classical music. Of course, Gurman says "apps" plural, so there could be a couple more surprises ahead.

Widgets are another interesting area, as iOS catches up to Android. Currently, iOS can display widgets for Apple's own apps and any third-party apps that developers update to support them. It will be interesting to see where Apple goes from there.

"While I don’t expect Apple to present a full redesign of the software, there should be major changes across the system, new ways of interacting and some fresh Apple apps," Gurman says. "The news about watchOS 9 will be significant as well."

The Apple Watch was skipped for a major update last time around, making WWDC the perfect time to release an extensive update across hardware and software.

T3 will be live and ready at the WWDC 2022 keynote on June 6, so stay tunes for more.

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What else can we expect from iOS 16? 

As we said above, leaks about iOS 16 are getting more detailed and extensive as we get closer to the event itself.

T3 has already written about several rumours and wishlist items but we wanted to go over some again quickly.

First off, we could see the introduction of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) features, which would make sense given that Apple is rumoured to be working on a headset or two, available in the coming years.

We could also see expanded emergency features, including satellite technology that can geolocated users even in the most remote locations. Ahead of the iPhone 14, Apple could add these to iOS 16.

Naturally, all these enhancements would come to the best iPhones on the market.

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