iPhone SE 2 video shows powerhouse new compact with iPhone 11 features

New concept video shows the iPhone SE 2 we've all been waiting for

iPhone SE2 render with iPhone 11 features
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

The original iPhone SE, first launched in 2016, was a pocket powerhouse as far as phones went three years ago. Its four-inch screen had the same A9 processor as found in the iPhone 6, packing plenty of its bigger brother's feature into a smaller, more affordable handset. Apple looks set to replicate that success with another stab at the same concept, now with updated smarts from the iPhone 11.

According to CNet, top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the company will be launching the iPhone SE 2 in 2020, expecting it to start at the thoroughly reasonable sum of $399 in the US. 

Devised as an affordable way for users to jump onto the latest Apple OS, the iPhone SE 2 would likely retain its smaller size, bucking the modern phablet trend. It looks set to include tech from the iPhone 11, such as an A13 processor and iOS 13 compatibility, which could be housed in a chassis very similar to the iPhone 8's. In the same way, Apple used the 5S casing to incorporate updated specs for the SE first time around.

YouTuber Concept Creator performed a neat render of what the SE 2 could look like, should the rumours be true. A similar design to the original, with machined metal edges and a four-inch screen, has been updated by eliminating the headphone jack and keeping the lightning-only connector to stay in line with modern iPhones.

Take a look at the iPhone SE 2 video above, and keep checking T3.com for all the latest on the highest-profile budget phone rumoured to hit shelves next year.

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