iPhone 16 Pro could come in two brand new colours

Don't expect shocking pink or cerulean blue: the rumoured new iPhone 16 Pro colours are sober shades

Render of rumoured new iPhone 16 Pro colours
(Image credit: X / Majin Bu)

The iPhone 16 Pro could be coming in two brand new colours, according to a new report. The current iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max come in four different titanium shades – natural, blue, white and black – and Apple may have new gold and grey options for this year's flagships.

The news comes via X leaker Majin Bu, who stresses that this is a rumour rather than a corroborated leak. But as the rumoured colours are similar to shades we've seen the Pros offered in before, it's certainly plausible.

What shades could the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max come in?

According to Bu, the two new shades are "desert titanium" and "titanium gray". The former is "similar to the gold of the iPhone 14 Pro but deeper and heavier", while the latter is "a shade of space gray similar to that used on iPhone 6." Other colours are also being considered but are apparently less likely; Bu also says that only one of the two new colours has been approved so far, but they don't know which one. Red and green shades aren't on the table, but the current blue may stay.

This is a sketchy rumour, but I do hope the new colours are real, particularly the gold-ish one: the current range is a little too monochrome for my taste. The current blue isn't as much fun as deep purple, and the others are effectively different shades of grey. I miss the gold option in particular: what could have been a little gaudy turned out to be really good-looking, and there's nothing quite so pretty in the current range.

As ever with the iPhone models, if you're looking for the most colourful iPhones you won't find them among the Pros: the standard iPhone and the iPhone Plus are the ones where Apple has a little more fun, and speculative renders of the iPhone 16 range show them in the same appealing pastel shades that you'll currently find on the iPhone 15, which comes in pale pink, yellow or green as well as the usual black and white. 

I do wish there were some similarly attractive options for the Pro and Pro Max: just because you want the best iPhone camera and processor doesn't mean you don't want a fun colour too.

Carrie Marshall

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