iPhone 15 could get a host of upgrades for Apple Vision Pro integration

It will make the new iPhone perfect for using with the first Apple Mixed Reality headset

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We're still a few months out from the expected date the Apple Vision Pro headset will hit the market, but it's already caused a stir. The tech world seems to be split between those that love the device, and those who remain unconvinced.

It's not hard to see why. Apple did a great job of showing the headset in use. They also marketed it as a "spatial computer", pushing it more towards MacBook users than VR headset aficionados. Still, there's no getting around the slightly eye-watering price tag.

Now, the headset may have inspired a nice suite of upgrades for the iPhone 15. That's according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected tipster with a good track record – particularly when it comes to Apple.

In a recent tweet, Kuo suggested that the new iPhone would see upgrades to enhance the ecosystem around the headset. For the iPhone 15, that's said to include the UWB. That chip is currently built using a 16nm architecture, but the new model could use a 7nm chip, for enhanced efficiency.

It doesn't stop their either. Kuo suggests that the following year, on the iPhone 16, Wi-Fi will be upgraded. That would introduce Wi-Fi 7 capabilities, bringing the model up to the latest specs for wireless internet access.

It's a fantastic upgrade. Ignoring the Wi-Fi for a moment, increasing the capabilities of the UWB chip will enhance a number of processes on the phone. It's not just the Vision Pro which stands to benefit. Functions like Find My will improve as well. 

Plus, improved efficiency should offer an overall boost to the device. The reduced power consumption should mean better battery life. That's especially true of something like UWB, which tends to be always ticking away in the background.

What's more, it doesn't appear to be tied only to the Pro models. Kuo simply mentions the iPhone 15, suggesting it could come to all variants of the device. That's brilliant for users who want to use the vanilla models. A large proportion of the rumoured upgrades for the range are linked to the more expensive handsets.

We don't have too long to wait for confirmation. The new line of phones is expected to launch around September, leaving us around three months from the unveiling.

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