iPhone 15 cases may just have revealed this year’s Apple Watch bands

Apple leaker says that these are the new FineWoven cases for the iPhone 15 – and the fabric of this year's Apple Watch bands too

Leaked images purportedly showing iPhone 15 case colours
(Image credit: X / Kosutami)

A few weeks back, we reported that Apple was apparently getting rid of the leather case for the iPhone 15, replacing it with a new material it reportedly calls FineWoven. The material is designed to look and feel premium without the ethical or environmental concerns around the use of real leather. And according to the leaked image shown above, they're coming in a huge range of colours. 

The leak comes via Kosutami on Twitter, who says that it shows "all colors of iPhone 15 Eco-fiber Leather Case with MagSafe"; the bezels are rubber-wrapped, and "it's a little darker than main color". In addition, the leaker says that "this material also used for new Watch band."

These images resemble some of the "FineWoven" images already circulating on social media, but those ones are believed to be Chinese clones rather than actual Apple products. Kosutami, who also collects rare Apple products as well as posting leaks online, seems to be more reliable: they have leaked multiple Apple stories this year, mostly around products that Apple has worked on but decided not to bring to market such as colour-matched MagSafe chargers.

Are these the colours of the Apple Watch Series 9 bands too?

Kosutami has previously predicted that Apple will release a new woven fabric band for the Apple Watch, which ties in with this leak; the band will feature a new magnetic buckle and will apparently cost $99. That's the same price as the current Braided Solo Loop band.

Could the same colours be coming across to the Apple Watch Series 9? It's certainly possible, and while Apple doesn't stick to the same colours exclusively – the current Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2 bands come in many more options than the leather MagSafe cases do – there's a lot of crossover, so for example, both the iPhone case and the Apple Watch band come in bright orange, in dark blue and in dark green. 

It's likely that you'll see at least some of the above colours in the available watch bands for the Apple Watch Series 9 when it launches later this month, alongside the usual PRODUCT(RED) and more premium options. We'll find out for sure next week. In the meantime, check out the best Apple Watches you can buy right now.

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