iPhone 14 owners just got a big Sonos audio smart home upgrade

Trueplay is finally here for the iPhone 14 series and Sonos smart home speakers

Sonos One on shelf
(Image credit: Sonos)

One of the best features you'll find in Sonos speakers and other audio devices is Trueplay, which tunes the sound of your speakers to the acoustics of your room. You can use the automatic Trueplay configuration on Sonos speakers with built-in microphones, but for other devices or for manual tuning you can also do it with your phone. Unless it's an iPhone 14, because until this week Sonos hadn't brought Trueplay to the iPhone 14 range. 

Thankfully that's now changed, and Reddit users are reporting that the feature has rolled out to their iPhones.

How to get Sonos Trueplay on the iPhone 14

The feature appears to be rolling out rather than available immediately to everyone, but Redditors are reporting that if you force quit and then restart the Sonos iOS app you should now find the feature is available to you. 

To locate it, open the Sonos app, choose Settings > System and then select the speaker you want to tune. You should now see an option for Trueplay; tap on that, tap on Trueplay Tuning and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll need to give the Sonos app permission to use your iPhone's microphone or you won't be able to use your phone to tune the speaker.

As with all room-tuning apps, it's important to do it when the room is quiet so that the microphone gets the most accurate picture of your room's acoustics – and resist the temptation to interfere with the speaker when it's tuning, as that'll affect the calibration. You can find out more on the Sonos website

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