iPhone 13 pre orders live at EE today – here are the best deals

We're keeping an eye on the best EE deals for the iPhone range

iPhone 13 colours
(Image credit: Apple)

The iPhone 13 pre orders are open today and there’s plenty to get excited about here. For one thing an improved battery is probably enough to sell us on the idea of an upgrade, but with the swish new camera and video features we’re already very keen to see what the new iPhone 13 can do. 

Which brings us to the tricky subject of buying one. No one is going to pretend these devices aren’t expensive, but we’re here to try and get you the best deal we possibly can. So we’re taking a look at the phone networks pages and hunting for the best possible price that you could pay on a monthly basis. 

At the moment we’re just waiting for EE to launch its plans, but right now we know that the iPhone 13 Pro starts at £42 per month with a trade-in. The iPhone 13 starts at £34 with a similar trade-in caveat and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is £48 with a trade in. Obviously the type and age of phone will affect these prices. 

We’ll keep this page updated and, if you’re looking for another network check out our big iPhone 13 pre orders page, in which we’ll shine the spotlight on the best prices across all the networks. If you’re not to fussy about where your monthly payment goes, there’s sure to be a way to save a few quid on your new phone.

NOTE: EE says it will give discount plans by £15 per month if you trade in an iPhone X or newer. 


iPhone 13 Mini from £45 at EE
With an £80 up-front cost and £45 per month the 1GB tariff is the cheapest. It's also not ideal for modern smartphone use, you'll need the 40GB tariff which is £30 up-front and £53 per month.

iPhone 13 from £49 at EE

iPhone 13 from £49 at EE
EE's cheapest deal on the iPhone 13, 128GB is its £80 up-front and £49 per month 1GB plan. The problem with this is the tiny data allowance. The 40GB plan is better, it's £30 upfront and £59 per month. Note too, there's £15 per month off if you trade in an iPhone X or better.


iPhone 13 Pro from £57 at EE
The 128GB iPhone 13 Pro on EE costs £57 per month and £100 up-front on a 4GB tariff. Again, that's not really much data so head to the 40GB plan, which is £50 up-front and £65 per month


iPhone 13 Pro Max from £63 at EE
The most expensive iPhone 13 will cost you a minumum of £63 per month, and £100 up-front. We suggest the £71 per month, £50 up-front deal with 40GB of data for this phone.

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