The best iPhone 13 deals UK from Apple, EE, Three, Vodafone, Sky, O2 and more

You can now buy the iPhone 13 in the UK, and these are the best SIM free and on contract deals available

iPhone 13 deals UK
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iPhone 13 deals are now live in the UK and that means you can pick up a handset in the new range both SIM free and on contract with a SIM plan.

There are four new iPhone 13 phones in the range, including the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are available in Product(Red), starlight, midnight, blue and pink.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max meanwhile can be picked up in graphite, gold, silver and sierra blue.

Storage on handsets ranges from 128GB right up to a gargantuan 1TB on the Pro models, so there's plenty of choice for users to customise their own iPhone 13.

Here we list the very best places to buy iPhone 13 right now in the UK at both retailers and networks.

Best iPhone 13 networks and retailers quick links

Best iPhone 13 deals UK

The 6.1-inch iPhone 13 has some great offers on it at launch, including a sweet offer from Sky that puts the phone in your hand for free upfront. For big data lovers Vodafone's 100GB of data plan with unlimited calls and texts looks very attractive at just £20 upfront and £43 per month.

Best iPhone 13 mini deals UK

The small form factor iPhone 13 (5.4-inch screen) is perfect for those who like a more compact phone. It's also the cheapest of the new iPhone 13 handsets, with Vodafone offering it for just £15 upfront on a deal that comes with free Apple TV and Music subscriptions.

Best iPhone 13 Pro deals UK

If you're a serious phone user then the iPhone 13 Pro device is a strong match, and especially so if you are into photography. We like the look of iD Mobile's well balanced offer here, with the phone bagged for £49 upfront and then at £49.99 per month over a 24-month contract for 20GB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max deals UK

For iPhone enthusiasts who also love big real screen real estate, then the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the perfect fit. This is Apple's flagship device, so it does cost more than the other phones, though. Three's deal is the best we think right now, placing the phone in your hand for £49 upfront, and also supplying 100GB data as well as unlimited calls and texts for £56 per month.

iPhone 13 deals UK: the top networks and retailers

All the UK's major networks are selling iPhone 13 deals right now, including EE, Three, Vodafone , Sky Mobile, GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile and O2. Each of these is worth checking out before lodging your order.

In addition, there's a series of retailers, too, who are worth scoping out for iPhone 13 deals, including Carphone Warehouse,, Affordable Mobiles and

Again, these retailers are well worth considering for your iPhone 13 purchase if you're set on picking up the phone with a SIM plan, as they each offer various packages with varying allowances.

The official Apple Store UK is also, obviously, selling the entire iPhone 13 range.

Below we list the best networks and retailers to buy iPhone 13 in the UK.


iPhone 13 at Apple Store UK
The official Apple Store UK is unsurprisingly a great place to buy the new iPhone 13. You can buy the phone outright or pay monthly, with prices for the iPhone 13 minin starting at just £28.29 per month and topping out with the iPhone 13 Pro Max in its 1TB variant at £64.54. You can also trade in past iPhones to cut serious money off the cost.


iPhone 13 at EE
EE is the UK's fastest network, so if you want to buy iPhone 13 on contract and get the fastest possible speeds available with it, then EE is the network to choose. All iPhone 13 models are available through EE, including the luxe Gold and Graphite colourway Pro models. EE's 40GB plan for the 128GB iPhone 13 looks like a strong option – it's £30 upfront and £59 per month. Note too, there's £15 per month off if you trade in an iPhone X or better.


iPhone 13 at Vodafone
Vodafone is one of the best networks in the country for reach and 5G speeds, factors which make it a good place to lock-in an iPhone 13 upgrade. All handsets are being sold with SIM plans through Vodafone and users can customise what they pay upfront from £29 up to £679, as well as choose their contract length, too, with 12, 24 and 36 months plans available.


iPhone 13 at O2
O2 is offering all the iPhone 13 range of phones and in all colours and capacities, too. As such, you can choose everything from a 128GB Starlight iPhone 13, through to a Graphite 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max. A range of data, text and calls plans are also available, making O2 a must-check-out destination for iPhone 13 orders. A strong option is the unlimited data iPhone 13 Pro deal, which is just £30 up front and then £60 per month for unlimited data as well as calls and texts.


iPhone 13 at Three
Three is an unlimited data hero in the UK, with may of its SIM plans coming with big or endless data allowances. This makes it a good shout for those looking to upgrade to iPhone 13 and get a strong monthly allowance from their SIM plan. All four iPhone 13 handsets are available through Three, including the compact iPhone 13 mini.


iPhone 13 at Virgin Mobile
Virgin Media have also got some great deals on the iPhone 13, with the iPhone 13 Pro available for FREE upfront on a 36-month contract. Monthly costs start at £39 for a plan with 2GB of data, which isn't optimal, but if you spend a fiver more per month you can get unlimited calls, texts and 24GB of data for £44. 24-month contracts are also available.


iPhone 13 at Sky Mobile
Sky Mobile is offering all four iPhone 13 devices on contract. Sky offers its handsets on 36-month contracts (three years), but allows users to upgrade their handset after one or two years depending on the plan they take out. Sky Mobile also offers a series of SIM plan benefits, such as data roll-over and unlimited streaming of content on Sky apps without data being touched. Sky Mobile uses the O2 mobile network.


iPhone 13 at GiffGaff
A network that for many will feel a bit out of left-field, GiffGaff is offering iPhone 13 deals, though. iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini handsets can be bought on-contract. GiffGaff uses the O2 mobile network.


iPhone 13 at Tesco Mobile
Tesco Mobile has created a strong reputation for itself in terms of both phone contracts and SIM plan contracts, so it's well worth scoping out right now for iPhone 13 offers in the UK. Tesco Mobile offers a wide range of plan lengths, too, making it a good choice for those who want to spread the cost of their upgrade out. Tesco Mobile runs off the O2 network.


iPhone 13 at Carphone Warehouse
For a simply massive range of phones and on-contract SIM plan offers on iPhone 13 then head on over to Carphone Warehouse. It's one of the longest running phone stores in the UK and it shows. You can also compare the iPhone 13 models against each other easily, as well as to other handsets.


iPhone 13 at is, in T3's opinion, the most underated online phone store in the UK, which is why it should be somewhere everyone checks out for iPhone 13 deals before pulling the trigger. Frequently one of the cheapest places to pick up new handsets on contract.


iPhone 13 at Affordable Mobiles
Affordable Mobiles often does exactly what its name would suggest, offering affordable phone deals on the very latest handsets. It's doing so once more with the iPhone 13 range, with the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max available right now. Prices start at £42 per month for the mini and stretch up to £57 per month for the Pro Max.


iPhone 13 at
Another lesser-known online phone shop but one that T3 is a big fan of thanks to its cheap deals, is taking iPhone 13 orders right now and seems an obvious place to check out before pulling the trigger on an upgrade.

iPhone 13 deals UK: T3's analysis

Having a browse of the iPhone 13 deals available has left T3 very enthused, as there are a lot of different ways for people to upgrade to one of the new handsets, and especially so if you want to buy the phone with a SIM plan.

Our number one tip, though, for Apple phone users who are looking to jump to iPhone 13 is to not underestimate the value of a trade-in. An Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max in top storage spec and good condition will bag you £610 in trade-in value, and while other Apple phones will get you less money, it's still a great way to cut hundreds of pounds off your iPhone 13 order.

Apple itself is running a trade-in program, along with plenty of major UK networks. To see trade-in prices for handsets, tablets, Macs and Apple Watches, head on over to Apple's official trade-in page.

Splitting the cost of a new iPhone 13 seems like a smart choice to T3 right now, and Vodafone has really caught our attention with its iPhone 13 offering as it allows people to dictate exactly how much money they want to pay up front, how much they want to pay monthly and how long their contract will be, with 12, 24 and 36-month contracts available.

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