iPhone 13 chip shortage is the news we didn't want to hear

The supply choke continues to grow unabated

iPhone 13
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Apple is slashing production of the iPhone 13 by over ten percent because chip suppliers can't meet the demand for chips for the new smartphone. 

Once again, it's the same old story of this year's depleted silicon industry, where semiconductor chip shortages have impacted many of the best phones and are now expected to impact Apple iPhone production abilities. 

It signals more bad news for users trying to get their hands on the latest round of iPhones, which includes the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. According to the Bloomberg report published on Tuesday, Apple is set to cut its iPhone manufacturing targets by up to ten million units this year in a move that's likely to see many users left without an option to buy an iPhone over the holiday season.

Phone manufacturers aren't alone in facing supply constraints, either; elsewhere, all sorts of industries are feeling the crunch, including the gaming industry with the Xbox Series XPS5, and Xbox Series S, which have all faced chronic shortages this year.

Chip crunch piles on the pressure

While the chip crisis has put huge pressure on industries from automakers to electronics, consumers are likely to feel the pinch if iPhone 13 production runs into problems. 

That's because it's a favorite over the holiday season, and it's also something consumers keep a lookout for in our early Black Friday deals and best Black Friday deals. In the run-up to Black Friday, we'll have you covered for everything in between, but be super cognizant of supply shortages before hedging your bets in one gift area this year, as you're likely to run into issues if you plan on gifting someone a console or phone as we head into the holiday season. 

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