iPhone 12 set for HUGE camera upgrade that has Samsung Galaxy S20 worried

The iPhone 12's camera is set for some big upgrades, inside and out

iPhone 12
(Image credit: Studioless Creator/ YouTube)

While the Googles and the Samsungs of the world are unveiling new phones like the Pixel 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Apple is still keeping the iPhone 12 a closely guarded secret. 

Well not that closely guarded, because the case makers of the world are already showing off their wares - and spilling precious details in the process. 

The case maker in this instance is totallee, which has already revealed its own ultra-thin cases for the four different iPhone 12 models that Apple is set to reveal at the iPhone 12 event on Tuesday, October 13.

According to our measurements, the iPhone 11 has a camera bump that’s 25mm wide and 28mm tall, while the iPhone 11 Pro's is 25mm wide and 29 m tall. The iPhone 12 cases are all noticeably larger, as you can see in the images below.

The iPhone 12's case has a hole for the camera array that measures 27mm x 30mm, while the iPhone 12 Pro's measures 27mm x 30mm.

iPhone 12 case

(Image credit: Future)

iPhone 12 Pro case

(Image credit: Future)

Meanwhile, the vacant space on the iPhone 12 Pro Max's case measures a whopping 31mm x 35mm, so we're looking at a range of significantly larger camera bumps than the iPhone 11.

You can also see the difference between the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera array and last year’s iPhone 11 Pro, courtesy of LeaksApplePro.

The question is, what does this mean? We already know that the iPhone 12’s camera is set to get a significant upgrade thanks to the inclusion of 7P lens modules, while the iPhone 12 Pro range will include LiDAR scanners

Whatever the outside of the camera array looks like, we can be sure that Apple will have plenty of hardware upgrades in store on the iPhone 12; hardware upgrades that will need extra space - hence the larger camera bump.