iPhone 12 hands another win to Galaxy S21 – MISSING essential upgrade

Apple's iPhone 12 series of smartphones won't be getting the long-overdue upgrade we were expecting

iPhone 12
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We're in the last stretch in the run-up to the iPhone 12 launch, and even though Apple has an event scheduled for this week, we don't expect to hear any news on its new flagship, which is set to have its own event at the end of September or beginning of October

iPhone 12 rumors have been coming thick and fast over the past few months, and for a while it looked like Apple might be planning on catching up with Android with some of its new smartphones features – like shrinking the notch, and upping the display's refresh rate to 120Hz – but sadly, we're in for a rude awakening. 

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Twitter leaker Jon Prosser has been keeping the hope alive for at least one iPhone 12 120Hz model  but it looks like that rumor has finally been put to bed. Taking to Twitter just before the weekend, Prosser said that 120Hz panels haven't made it to mass production, which apparently started last week.

Fellow leaker Ross Young, who cast doubt on Apple's ability to pull the 120Hz display together in time for launch chimed in to confirm that his suspicions were correct.

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That means that once again, the iPhone will be stuck at 60Hz while its Android competition pulls ahead. The Galaxy S20 range boasts 120Hz,, with the Galaxy S21  set to follow.

Even a budget smartphone like the OnePlus Nord offers a 90Hz display, and with the sizeable notch still a fixture of the display, the iPhone 12 is going to find itself lagging behind on features that Android phones are taking to the next level.  

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