iPad Pro may go on sale in first week of November

It’ll be the big one under the tree

Apple's giganto-iPad is coming soon, the latest report saying it will go on sale in the first week of November.

This year's (literally) big iPad news is that we're about to get a 12.9-inch

iPad Pro

, but at the launch in September Apple didn't tell us exactly when the glorious giant would hit shelves.

This may not be an official update, but the latest suggestion is that the iPad Pro will be available in the first week of November, giving us around a month to wait. Japanese site

Mac Otakara

calls on sources in the Apple supply chain that suggest we're looking at an early-isn release.

Over at the Apple website, all we're given officially is the disappointingly vague “available November”. The earlier the better.

Things are really hotting up in the giant-tablet-slash-small-laptop area too. Google has announced the

Pixel C

and Microsoft is about to drop a new generation of Surface tablets.

Like these others, the iPad Pro features an optional keyboard and stylus that, while adding to the price, turn the tablet into a mini laptop and even a pretty decent graphics tablet if that's your bag. After all, the iPad Pro's screen is actually larger than that of the new-design



Apple is yet to confirm the full UK pricing for the iPad Pro, but with US prices already out there we have a good idea. It starts at $799, which should equate to just under £650 judging by the prices of Apple's other products.

Fingers crossed Apple will reveal the last few details before making us queue up outside an Apple Store.


Apple Insider