iPad app news: Lucky Voice Karaoke app launched

1. Drink beer; 2. Bust out iPad; 3. Ruin pop classics

The popular Karaoke service comes to iPad

Popular Karaoke service Lucky Voice has launched its own iPad app to allow people to make fools of themselves wherever they may roam.

The free app features a library of around 8,000 songs, but in order to have access to them in full users will need to by song credits or singing time through in app purchases.

Songs are then streamed to the iPad via Wi-Fi or 3G and then you'll be good to go with a backing track of questionable quality and those words will appear on the screen ready to turn purple as you blast them out. You can also edit and save playlists featuring your favourite songs.

Coming soon to the app is support for external microphones, the ability to control the song queue from the iPhone and the ability to hook the service up to your TV.

Although the Lucky Voice app boasts a whopping 8,000-strong catalogue of songs, we all know that girls will only ever use four: I Will Survive; The Greatest Love; It's Raining Men and We Are Family. If anyone's ever heard a woman sing anything else then you've witnessed a rare event

Link: Lucky Voice on iTunes