iPad app news: Dolphin gesture-enabled browser launches

Navigate the web your way

Draw a "T" and navigate straight to T3.com

The gesture-based Dolphin browser, which has proved popular on Android and iPhone, now has a new version for the Apple iPad.

The free-to-download Dolphin HD browser allows users to easily navigate around the web by drawing gestures on the iPad's touchscreen.

For example a "" symbol will bring you forward. If you draw a "G" it will take you to Google, while a backwards "C" shape will refresh the page.

Users can also create their own custom gestures, so for example you could make a "T" shape take you straight to T3.com.

The iPad version of the app also includes a version of the Dolphin Magazine, which collates your favourite content from around the web in the same manner that Flipboard has achieved so successfully.

The Dolphin browser is built on top of the Safari engine so it does have a familiar theme to it. We'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

Link: Dolphin HD (via Mashable)