InYourStride makes a custom training plan for runners

Though it can't help with your jogger's nipple

Running is hard work. Not only is it physically and mentally draining, it's also tough on our joints. In fact, a fifth of all race runners never make it to the start line because of injuries picked up during training, not being prepared and because of nerves. That's where InYourStride comes in.

It's an app that helps runners get race fit. It creates a custom training plan based on your needs – including your fitness level and how often you train – and accounts for missed days and holidays. You pick your training days and can make last-minute changes to your plan.

The app uses your phone's GPS and accelerometer to track your runs and analyses your data. More than 3,500 sessions, 200 datasets and 100 algorithms help the app to adapt to every potential eventuality that you might encounter. Though probably not 'doing a Radcliffe'.

It also includes details of more than 20,000 races worldwide of all kinds of distances, including 5K, 10K, half marathons and marathons. So you've no excuse for not finding a race.

There's a countdown to race day, which should keep you focussed, and voice feedback will make sure you stay on pace while you're out pounding the pavement. And it'll analyse your training plan and estimate how long it'll take to complete your race.

It's available to download now on iOS, with Android coming soon. Shame it missed the London Marathon, but there are plenty of other races to get ready for.

It's the brainchild of Bristolian Shaun Lancaster. He thought there had to be a better app to help runners stick to their training schedules and get faster, and so set about making it. Pair it with some of our best running trainers, and you'll be unstoppable.