Intriguing iPad mini leak points to screen upgrade Apple fans will love

The dinky iPad mini could get a ProMotion display next time around.

Apple iPad mini six held in hand on white background
(Image credit: Apple)

Slowly but surely, Apple has been introducing adaptive 120Hz displays to its devices under the “ProMotion” branding. It started with the iPad Pro, before rolling out to this year’s iPhone 13 Pro models and most recently the latest MacBook Pros.

As that list suggests, Apple has in the past considered this to be a ‘Pro’ feature, and that looks set to continue with the first iPad mini to include a 120Hz panel. The usually reliable leaker @FrontTron has shared a post from a Korean forum sharing information about the “iPad mini 6 Pro” — which the leaker says is a “tentative name”.

According to the post, Apple is testing an 8.3-inch Samsung panel with the 120Hz refresh rate, which is the same as the most recent model released by Apple, which reduced the bezel and removed Touch ID to increase screen size.

In the past mobile phones and tablets tended to have 60Hz screens, meaning that the panel would be refreshed 60 times per second. With a 120Hz screen this can be doubled, leading to a smoother feel in supported apps, as well as opening the door to 120fps gameplay. It’s something that’s hard to go back from once you’ve tried it, even if it does hit the battery.

The leaker adds that the screen would be backed by a 3.23GHz Apple A15 chip with 4GB RAM and at least 128GB of internal storage. The price would be a little higher — not surprising for a ‘Pro’ device — but it shouldn’t be that much more apparently.

For reference, the current iPad mini uses the A15 chip too, but it only comes in 64- and 256GB sizes. Prices start at $499 or £479, depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re on — but you’ll pay a bit more if you want 5G support.