Insta360 Flow Pro gimbal turns your smartphone into a cinematic powerhouse

Insta360 Flow Pro makes your smartphone look good, and you look like a pro. Or at least, less like an amateur.

Insta360 Flow Pro launch
(Image credit: Insta360)

We were a huge fan of Insta360's Flow here at T3 Towers, so imagine our excitement now that the brand has announced the latest smartphone gimbal to add to its arsenal.

The Insta360 Flow Pro is an AI-tracking smartphone stabiliser that's so smart it practically deserves its own college degree.

Like most gimbals—and, in fact, its predecessor—the Flow Pro allows you to use your iPhone to create perfectly framed videos for YouTube and attend online meetings where you're always in the frame, no matter how vigorously you're shaking your head.

The Flow Pro is built using Apple's newly announced DockKit technology, allowing it to track your iPhone’s camera like a bloodhound on a scent trail. It's actually the first gimbal to incorporate DockKit!

Utilising the company's proprietary Deep Track 3.0 AI subject-tracking capabilities, the Flow Pro can spin 360 degrees without losing track of you. Perfect for when you’re doing interpretive dance in the park or just pacing around during a stressful phone call.

The Insta360 Flow Pro isn’t just any gimbal; it’s practically the Swiss Army knife of smartphone stabilisers. Need a steady shot for your vlog? Check. Want to charge your phone mid-shoot? Check. Feeling the need to illuminate your face for that perfect glow? Check, check, check.

Flow Pro comes with the SmartWheel, which puts all your controls in one easy-to-access place. With just a flick of your thumb, you can switch between gimbal modes, replay your epic shots, and more.

The Shot Genie templates guide you through scenes like a seasoned director, helping you nail everything from composition to movement.

And when it’s time to edit, the Insta360 app’s FlashCut feature turns your clips into a cinematic masterpiece, complete with music and seamless transitions.

The Insta360 Flow Pro is available today for a surprisingly reasonable price of $149, which is $10 less than the recommended price of the original Insta360 Flow.

It comes with everything you need to get started, including a magnetic phone clamp and protective pouch. Accessories like a spotlight and decorative inserts are sold separately. Get yours now at Insta360.

Matt Kollat
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