IKEA unveils new UPPLEVA Smart TV and sound system

Brand new all-in-one system that's built into the stand

IKEA have given the cabinet TV a rebirth with their first entry into the consumer electronics market, coming next year they've even provided a handy video to explain

IKEA have officially unveiled their first Smart TV and sound system all-in-one called UPPLEVA, it contains a LED HD Smart TV, Blu-ray, DVD, CD combo player and 2.1 wireless sound system.

Designed for those people who want a wire-less lifestyle the UPPLEVA comes ready with all the wires hidden and is available in different colours and styles making sure it'll just slot into any living room without any hassle.

Got a games console? Not a problem, you can get extra storage space with 'remote-friendly' doors which mean your tech can stay hidden but still be controlled from the sofa.

With just one remote controlling everything you can browse the internet, search videos and play MP3s all straight from the system.

IKEA UPPLEVA Release date:

Coming to Europe this year it's listed on their introduction video that the UPPLEVA won't be making it to any other countries until at the very earliest 2013 so there's a while to wait before we even know if it's coming to the UK

Pricing starts at around £600 for the base model.

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