IFA 2016: All the hottest tech news from this year's show

Samsung drops the Gear S3, Panasonic launches cheap 4K Blu-ray players, slim Yoga Books from Lenovo, and more!

This week hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and visitors will be shuffling around the Berlin ExpoCentre for IFA - that's the Internationale Funkausstellung if you're German, or the International Radio Show if you're not. It's the biggest tech trade show of the year for those of us in Europe, rivalling CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) over in the US.

The T3 team is now in residence at IFA 2016 and is reporting all the hottest and latest tech reveals live right here throughout the week - so make sure to check back in regularly to stay in the loop.

2 September

Netatmo manages to make radiator valves sexy, somehow

We've seen some smart radiator valves in our time - but you wouldn't want any of them in you home. That changes with the Netatmo Smart Valve - this clever HomeKit enabled piece of kit can be easily installed onto your existing radiators, then allowing you to control the individual temperature of each one. What's more - it can be done with your voice using Siri! We think they're really smart, and can't wait to test them out.

TomTom releases snazzy scooter sat nav

We really like this smartphone connected sat nav from TomTom. It's called the Vio, and it looks great. The Vio works as an extension of your smartphone, rather than being an stand alone sav nav device, but still makes use of TomTom's mapping and speed camera alerts. It's designed for scooters, and comes in a number of different colourways. The TomTom Vio is available now for £150.

Myfox adds to its home security offerings

We're fans of the Myfox home security brand here at T3, and it's just added two more products to its lineup. First is the interior motion sensor, that's pretty self-explanatory. It's a very small motion sensor (weights less than 25g) and can't be set off by pets. Secondly, there's the Outdoor Siren - again - no prizes for guessing what this does. It's completely wireless, and emits a power 112dB alarm.

The Myfox interior motion sensor retails for around £60 and is available now, the outdoor siren will be £129 and be available before the end of 2016.

3Doodler launches a 3D printing pen for professionals

3Doodler has just released their most advanced 3D printing pen ever - claiming it's 'professional grade'. The device is designed for professionals such as architects, engineers, and artists - ideal for creating quick 3D prototypes. This pen is much more capable than previous pens - with the ability to print wood, copper, bronze, nylon, and polycarbonate, as well as the 65+ plastics already available. The Pro model includes adjustable dials for tempreature and speed, as well as a fan for quicker drying and LCD display. The pen has also been made with an improved drive system to handle more intensive use. The 3Doodler Pro is available for $249. Read about THE CAR this pen made.

1 September

Withings adds heart rate tracking to its stylish analogue wrist watches

The Withings HR Steel adds heart rate tracking to the French company's elegant range to timepieces - claiming to be the first ever analogue watch with a heart rate monitor. It's certainly an attractive wearable, featuring a small digital screen which displays your pulse.

The screen now also displays smartphone notifications, and steps taken. The watch boasts an impressive 25-day battery life, and comes in two sizes - 36mm and 40mm.

“Whether you're an athlete or simply trying to lose a few pounds and get a better handle on your health, knowing your heart rate can help you better understand your overall health and reach your fitness goals,” said Cédric Hutchings, VP of Digital Health, Nokia Technologies. “With the wealth of insights it provides and the extended battery life for a health watch of its type, Steel HR truly is the first of its kind.”

The watch will be available to buy from the start of October, with prices starting at £169.95 for the 36mm watch, and £179.95 for the 40mm watch.

Sony impresses with its Signature Series

Sony has announced its premium 'Signature Series' range of audio gear. It comprises of three products - goes one step further than any audio products MDR-Z1R headphones, NW-WM1Z Walkman and TA-ZH1ES headphone amplifier. Everything is made to the highest quality Sony can achieve - the headphones are made in Japan. The flagship WM1Z Walkman utilises all of Sony's High-Resolution Audio technologies, packs 256GB of storage, and stunning design - in our opinion.

Elsewhere in Sony's range - the company has announced a new action camera - the FDR-X3000R. It updated action cam packs a brand new Exmor image sensor and wide-angle Zeiss lens.

The company's Life Space UX is now coming to the UK - this includes the awesome light/speaker which will cost £800, and a portable Ultra Short Throw Projector for £1000.

There's also a new 4K projector - the VPL-VW550ES. It's the is the world's first home cinema projector compatible with Hybrid Log Gamma HDR.

We're not sure what to say about the HTC A9s

We really liked the original HTC A9, it had a great design, solid software, and premium features - it was also very slightly cheaper than flagship smartphones. HTC has taken the HTC A9 and made it worse - the screen has received a downgrade (1080p to 720p), both cameras now have worse sensors, and the Qualcomm processor has been switched to a Mediatek one (not 100-percent sure if that's better or worse).

Why have HTC done this? To make the HTC A9s more affordable, yet retaining the premium design we love, and as a result, become more competitive in the mid-tier sector.

It's not all doom and gloom - the battery is larger at 2,900mAh, and it still looks great. We're still waiting to find out the price.

Philips unleashes the world's first 4K OLED Ambilight television

This television, the 55” 901F, combines three of our favourite pieces of television tech, as well as HDR, Android TV, and integrated 6.1 surround sound. There's no word on the price yet - but expect it to be A LOT.

Harman released what can only be described as a barrage of new audio gear

New kit from brands JBL, Harman Kardon, AKG - there's something for everyone, for every budget, from headphones to sound bars - seriously, they've got all bases covered. Read more about Harman's new releases.

Sharp adds connectivity to your kitchen

Sharp's new Smart Home app (iOS or Android) enables you to set numerous functions across appliances including setting, altering or finishing programmes. One of the best things about connected appliances is that they're now able to diagnose a problem (such as low water pressure) and send an error code to the engineer if there is an issue. The company is now promising a fix or replace service within 48 hours. It's the future! Read more about Sharp's connected kitchen.

Tado adds individual temperature control to your radiators

Today IoT brand Tado announced two new products, a third generation smart thermostat, and Smart Radiator Thermostat. They both look like attractive new additions to the smarthome range, and can be controlled with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo - making voice conpossiblesible. We can't wait to test out these!

Huawei reveals two new mid-range smartphones and a new premium tablet

Huawei is hoping the MediaPad M3 will be the ultimate media tablet - with a premium aluminium design, excellent Harmon Kardon-certified speakers, and an 8.4-inch 2K screen. The MediaPad M3 runs on Huawei's own Kirin 950 octa-core processor, paired with 4GB of RAM and either 32 or 64 GB of expandable storage. There's a 5,100mAh battery, and it runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Emotion UI (EMUI) 4.1 on top. The device launches on September 26th, priced between €349 - €449.

There are also two mid-range phones, called the Nova and Nova Plus.

Neato announces a new range of connected robo vacs

2016 is definitely the year of the robot vacuum - first Dyson, now two new models from Neato. First up is the Neato Botvac D3 Connected, which is the most affordable robot vacuum in the company's lineup. Despite being the cheapest model, it still offers Neato's SLAM-based laser navigation, iconic D-shape design with 'CornerClever' technology a Lithium-ion battery. Next up is the Neato Botvac D5 Connected, it's a much more is fully-featured robot, offering a high-capacity Lithium-ion battery and additional benefits on the Neato App, including a dashboard with cleaning stats and a “Find Me” function. The D3 Connected is priced at £399, while the D5 Connected costs £549.

Become a smartphone video pro with DJI's OSMO for smartphones

Osmo Mobile takes DJI's excellent 3-axis gimbal system, removes the camera, and adds a universal smartphone mount. It'll let you make more cinematic videos from your smartphone, with super-smooth movements and image stabilisation. There's also ActiveTrack technology built into the DJI GO app, which allows the Osmo Mobile to automatically keep your smartphone facing you as you move. The Osmo Mobile also features live streaming, motion timelapse, panorama. Perfect for all you bloggers out there.

Motorola teams up with Hasselblad for another Moto Z Mod

Moto's Z range of smartphones is an interesting modular device, they're super thin, and don't have headphone sockets. They come with optional 'Moto Mods' which add more capabilities to the smartphone, such as a larger battery, better audio, a projector, and now, 10x zoom and better image quality. This new Moto Mod is made in partnership with everyone's favourite Swedish camera maker Hasselblad. As well as 10x zoom, users will also get xenon flash, RAW file support, physical shutter and zoom controls, and Hasselblad's Phocus image editing software. Yours for £199.99 come September.

Motorola also showed off the Moto X Play, which has a 50 hours battery life.

Bowers & Wilkins set a new standard for on-the-go listening with the P7 wireless headphones

Bowers & Wilkins has taken its popular P7 headphones, cut the wire, added some Bluetooth aptX, and tweaked the drivers for improved sound performance. The company claims the bass is tighter, vocals are more defined, and there's a wonderful sense of space, balance, and clarity across the whole frequency range. The rechargeable battery offers a claimed 17-hours of wireless playback, and can be charged via USB. The P7 Wireless Headphones will be available in September priced at £320.

Sony releases shiny new flagship smartphone

The Xperia XZ is a new flagship from Sony. It has an impressive new camera with three sensors, an attractive Blue colour, and intelligent software which helps to increase the life of your smartphone battery. Read more about the Sony Xperia XZ.

TomTom's new wearable can tell how fat you are

TomTom's new water resistant Touch fitness tracker might well shake up the stagnating market for bands, with some more advanced health features including composition analysis. That means it can tell you how much of your body is composed of muscle, fat and baked beans (probably) by checking the electrical impedance of your body's tissue layers (yes, really). Read more about the TomTom Touch.

Sphero Force Band lets you control BB-8 with gestures

The Force Band, which is due for release on 30 September, straps onto your midi-chlorian-filled wrist and enables you to control your BB-8 droid toy with a series of hand gestures. So basically you can look like a Jedi and a pratt and still enjoy controlling your new spherical robot. Read more about the Sphero Force Band.

Garmin launches one of the most advanced action cameras yet

The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is one of the more advanced action cameras we've seen - not only does it have 4K recording, but also live streaming, 3-axis image stabilisation, and voice control. Read more about the Garmin Virb Ultra 30.

Libratone Q Adapt headphones have Lightning and Bluetooth variants

Libratone, the Danish audio company behind the recently reviewed Libratone Zipp, has today launched its new Q Adapt range of headphones.

The headphone range, which includes both Bluetooth and Lightning-powered models equipped with adjustable noise cancellation (ANC), will be available from October 2016 and include the Q Adapt On-Ear Headphones and Q-Adapt In-Ear Headphones.

The Q-Adapt In-Ear Headphones, which are Lightning powered and cost £159, are designed for use with all iPhone and iPad models with a Lightning connector and, as such, don't require an extra battery pack to power their ANC capabilities.

Those ANC capabilities are made possible by Libratone's CityMix™ technology, which allows the user to set the ANC to one of four different levels. So, for example, level 4 allows the wearer to tune out busy office noise, while levels 1 or 2 are more desirable for when walking, running or cycling.

Libratone's Q-Adapt On-Ear Headphones are Bluetooth powered and can be connected to any Bluetooth-enable source. A microphone is integrated into the ear cup and, as well as featuring the same ANC tech as the In-Ear headphones, also come equipped with proximity sensors that cut the ANC and music when the user removes them. The headphones cost £219.

Speaking on Q Adapt series launch, Libratone CEO Jan McNair said that:

“ANC with no external battery is nothing less than revolutionary. It offers users much greater freedom and mobility.”

For more information about Q Adapt and CityMix™ then please check out Libratone's official website.

31 August

Samsung makes a bid for your wrist with the Gear S3 smartwatch

Samsung has released a much-anticipated version of the Gear S2 smartwatch. It's called the Gear S3 and it looks rather tasty. Read all about the excellent new Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch.

ASUS ZenWatch 3 looks like the best ZenWatch yet

It's rounder and generally more attractive than the previous version - the ASUS ZenWatch 3 has been announced at this year's show. Read about the ASUS ZenWatch.

Panasonic DMP-UB700 Ultra HD Blu-ray player unveiled at IFA 2016

Coming off the back of its impressive Ultra HD Blu-ray player debut, Panasonic has followed up with a new unit, the DMP-UB700.

According to Panasonic, the new Ultra HD Blu-ray player delivers "breathtaking pictures in pin-sharp 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, and a new 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor."

Twin HDMI outputs are also delivered, allowing the separation of video and audio signals which, as a result, are clearer and more accurate.

As you would expect from a high-end maker, the DMP-UB700 also supports high-resolution audio formats such as DSD and ALAC, as well as 4K Video on Demand (VOD).

At the time of writing, we don't have a price or release date. We'll update when we know.

Lenovo Yoga 910 4K convertible and Yoga Book leak ahead of IFA 2016 reveals

MSPoweruser.com are reporting that Lenovo is announcing a new convertible laptop today with a 4K display, as well as a new product called the Yoga Book.

The laptop, named the Yoga 910, is a direct follow-up to its Yoga 900 predecessor and comes with a 13.9-inch 4K display, redesigned keyboard, larger trackpad and integrated Windows Hello compatible fingerprint scanner.

According to the site, the Yoga 910 will be able to be configured to have the latest Intel 7th Gen Core i5 and i7 processors, and despite having to power a 4K screen, will have enough battery power for 15.5 hours of operation between charges.

The Yoga 910 will reportedly cost $1,299 (£991.54) and will be available in October.

The Yoga Book, on the other hand, mixes things up a bit from what we can see. MSPoweruser.com report that the system comes with a flat keyboard which, when not in use as a keyboard, can be used as a writing surface also.

What makes this inclusion even more interesting is that the keyboard is pressure sensitive, meaning that its user can place a sheet of paper on top of the flat keyboard surface and then write on the paper, with a virtual copy of what they have written recorded on the computer.

Specs-wise the Yoga Book is powered by an Intel Atom x5 processor, comes equipped with 4GB of RAM, has 64GB of storage and packs a 10.1-inch FHD display. 15 hours of battery life is also listed.

The Yoga Book will reportedly cost $549 (£418.87).

Acer extends its Chromebook lineup with Acer Chromebook R 13

Acer get in on the IFA 2016 action! The computing giant has just unveiled a bevy of new products at its next@acer press event, with the Chromebook R 13 headlining the showing.

The R 13 comes with a flexible, 360-degree hinged design and a 13.3-inch IPS touch screen (1920x1080) that can be used in a number of different modes, including as a tablet.

According to Acer the new Chromebook also comes with an enlarged battery capable of delivering up to 12 hours of juice between charges, and the system's screen also supports 10-point touch capabilities that allow tap, swipe and pinch to zoom gestures.

Lastly, a 1280x720 HD webcam is included (HDR imaging is supported) along with an integrated microphone, with the Acer Chromebook R 13 coming in several checkout configurations.

The stock price for the R 13? 399 EUR (£338.30).

More information and specs are available on Acer's official website.

iTrip Clip Bluetooth audio adapter by Griffin demoed at IFA 2016

Mobile accessories maker Griffin has today demoed at IFA 2016 its brand new wireless Bluetooth headphone adapter - the iTrip Clip.

The iTrip Clip is a "simple yet powerful solution to wirelessly connect headphones, car stereos or home audio systems to any smartphone," according to Griffin, with the device connecting via Bluetooth 4.1 to any source device.

The release comes off the back of the Moto Z coming to market, the first smartphone to be released without a headphone jack, and continued rumours about the iPhone 7 also coming without a wired headphone port.

Speaking on the iTrip Clip's release, Griffin spokesperson Andrew Biddle said that:

"iTrip Clip ensures users can continue using their favorite 3.5mm headphones, with no worries about if their new smartphone eliminated the headphone jack."

The iTrip Clip hits Griffin's official store in late September priced £19.

Bosch and Drop announce partnership to advance smart kitchen tech

T3's synergy klaxon is ringing! Smart kitchen company Drop has just announced that it is integrating its kitchen operating system with home appliances from Bosch with Home Connect functionality.

Say what? Basically, this means that an interactive cookbook layer is being added to Bosch smart kitchen products and that people in said smart kitchens will be able to, for example, control their Bosch Series 8 oven with Home Connect remotely, monitoring things like time, temperature, and settings from within the Drop Recipes app.

Speaking on the collaboration, Drop bigwig Ben Harris said that:

“Imagine your blender knowing how much of each ingredient you need for your favorite smoothie, or your oven preheating at the right time for the recipe you are making and turning off when your food is ready, or even being able to filter your recipes by what you have in your smart fridge. These ideas no longer seem fantastical. Your kitchen will be smarter, and we are excited to announce Bosch as our first partner and take this giant leap forward to being the Kitchen platform.”

More information about Bosch's smart kitchen appliances can be yours if you visit its official website, while the Drop Recipes app can be downloaded now from the Apple App Store.

BeoVision Horizon, BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 launched at IFA 2016 by Bang & Olufsen

And in a quick follow-up to this morning's early news from Philips, we have a trio of tasty new releases from AV maestros Bang & Olufsen.

First up is the BeoVision Horizon, a 4K Ultra HD TV that has been "designed to meet the modern lifestyle demands of flexibility, connectivity, and extraordinary quality."

It looks very much like that flexibility of placement is the Horizon's raison d'être, with B&O boasting that it "literally fits in anywhere, regardless of the way of living and decorating."

This flexibility is yours for £2,495.

Moving on we've got both the BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 speaker systems, which are "Bang & Olufsen's answer to ever-changing everyday life."

That answer comes in the form of a pair of speaker systems that deliver "360-degrees of spherical sound magic," with a stylishly understated conical aluminium build for each.

The main difference between the two systems is that the BeoSound 2 is slightly bigger than the BeoSound 1 and is more powerful, requiring a permanent power connection. The 1, in contrast, is battery powered and not quite as beefy sound-wise.

As you would expect from units like these, multiple connectivity options are available, with Google Cast, AirPlay, DNLA and Bluetooth a sample selection.

The BeoSound 1 has an RRP of £995, while the BeoSound 2 can be yours for £1,350. Both will become available from the end of October 2016.

Bang & Olufsen's products can be viewed on its official website.

Philips Monitors drops the world's largest 4K curved display

Morning all! Today we kick things off at IFA 2016 with a selection of new display monitors from Philips Monitors - including the world's largest 4K curved display on the market. Woof!

The record breaker in question is the 40-inch Brilliance Curved display, which "wraps around the line of vision to create more personal space and better concentration."

Indeed, according to Philips Monitors, the screen is perfectly curved so that the viewing distances from the edgest and centre of the screen are equal, ensuring no need for needless head turning and guaranteeing the best picture quality.

The display will be available for you to drop your hard earned pennies on in Q4 2016 and is available to view right now at the Philips stand in Hall 22.

Philips Monitors are also showing off a brace of other new displays at IFA 2016 too, including the X7 Frameless 21:9 Curved in a 34-inch size, as well as the new, super-slim C7 series.

For more information, then check out Philips' official website.

30 August

Sonos receives a massive app update, including Amazon Echo integration

Sonos has just announced a slew of new updates to its streaming app. The most signification of these is Amazon Echo integration, allowing users to control their speakers with nothing more than their voice. The demonstration video made it appear really slick, with natural language commands such as "Play some funk" or "Play music from my recently added playlist". We can't wait to see if that works in practice.

Sonos is now also better integrated with Spotify - allowing users to fully control your streaming, room, and speaker settings from the Spotify app - meaning you no longer need to use the Sonos app.

Samsung Family Hub Two-Door fridge freezer unveiled

It looks like LG isn't the only company having some home appliance fun at IFA 2016, with Samsung today revealing its brand new Family Hub fridge freezer.

The new fridge freezer comes packed with Samsung's Twin Cooling PlusTM technology, "which cools the fridge and freezer separately with two different evaporators keeping the temperature and humidity at optimal levels for food," as well as its Precise Chef CoolingTM feature that holds temperatures to smaller fluctuations of just ±0.5 degrees.

In terms of other features, the Family Hub comes installed with a 21.5-inch touchscreen on the fridge door that, through the Samsung Smart Home app, can be used by family members as an interactive white board, with users capable of sharing photos and memos in real time, as well as synchronising calendars and schedules. The screen also offers TV Mirroring and music streaming functionalities, with a built-in speaker supplying the audio.

Samsung Digital Appliances bigwig Suh Byung-Sam, speaking on the Family Hub's unveiling, said that:

"We designed the Family Hub fridge freezer with the needs of families and contemporary households in the UK and Europe in mind."

The Family Hub is being demonstrated throughout IFA 2016 at Samsung Electronics' booth, which is located on Level 2 of City Cube Berlin.

More information about the Samsung Family Hub Two-Door fridge freezer is available on the company's official website.

Sengled Everbright smart light gets debut at IFA 2016

The pre-IFA announcements just keep coming! Next up we have the Sengled Everbright smart light, which is set for its international debut at this year's show.

The Everbright "combines an energy-efficient LED lamp with an integrated emergency LED light," meaning that in the event of a power outage or defective fuses, the smart light will continue to provide illumination for three and a half hours.

The emergency light is powered by an integrated and rechargeable 900 mAh battery, which is constantly charged during regular use, with the LED light generating a brightness of 300 lumens.

Lastly, the Sengled Everbright is inserted and powered through a standard light bulb socket. A single Everbright has an RRP of 19.90 EUR.

More information about the Everbright can be found on the official Sengled website.

LG SIGNATURE range to be launched via art exhibition at IFA 2016

Next to arrive at the pre-show party is LG, who has decided that IFA 2016 is the perfect place to launch its new premium tech range, LG SIGNATURE. Here is a picture with some of that high-end SIGNATURE tech for you to stare at.

The fridge looks particularly space-age I'm sure you will agree. Well, all this tech and more will be shown off at IFA 2016 via the medium of an art exhibition entitled The Art of Essence, which is to be housed in a gallery on the grounds of Messe Berlin. Speaking in advance of the exhibition, LG bigwig Brian Na said that:

“LG SIGNATURE was conceived with the idea of bringing out each product's essence so it is quite fitting that the European debut of this collection takes place in an artistic setting."

And here is that artistic setting, the LG SIGNATURE gallery, which is adjacent to LG's booth in Hall 18. When we get access to the exhibition then so will you, so remember to check back in later in the week for our impressions.

More information on the LG SIGNATURE range can be found on its official website.

RHA reveals Dacamp L1 amplifier and DAC, as well as CL1 Ceramic and CL750 headphones

Well hello! What do we have here? The first of a fair few pre-show tech unveils, that's what. British audio company RHA has revealed a trio of tasty sound-related products in the form of the Dacamp L1 amplifier and DAC, as well as the CL1 Ceramic and CL750 headphones.

The Dacamp L1 is a "fully balanced headphone amplifier and DAC with dedicated channel processors" according to the company, with the unit utilising an "ES9018K2M DAC chip and class AB amplifier for each stereo channel." This configuration, according to RHA, enables the processing of the highest quality digital audio files from both mobile and desktop sources. Sounds pretty tasty to us, albeit it at the premium outlay of £399.95.

The CL1 Ceramic, unsurprisingly, is optimised for use with amplifiers (such as the Dacamp L1, for instance, nudge nudge) and "combines two unique transducer technologies to exert unprecedented levels of control over an extended frequency range." High-density ceramic housings and a detachable cable system with mouldable over-ear hooks complete the package, which can be yours for £349.95.

And bringing up the rear of RHA's pre-IFA showing is the CL750. The CL750 "uses RHA's ultra-wideband CL Dynamic transducer for authentic sound reproduction up to 45kHz [and] features stainless steel housings in RHA's Aerophonic™ design, in addition to a new braided OFC cable." Sounds pretty whizzy, especially considering the headphones come certified as high-resolution audio capable by the Japan Audio Society (those guys know what they're doing) and cost an affordable £99.95.

As ever, more information can be consumed on RHA's official website.

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