Sharp's new range enables remote control of everything from your dishwasher to your oven

Love2Cook Oven for the time-poor plus 4LifeHub double fridge freezer

Sharp took to the IFA 2016 show floor to show off some cool innovations across its home ranges.

The company's new Smart Home app (iOS or Android) enables you to set numerous functions across appliances including setting, altering or finishing programmes. One of the best things about connected appliances is that they're now able to diagnose a problem (such as low water pressure) and send an error code to the engineer if there is an issue. The company is now promising a fix or replace service within 48 hours.

The £550 Sharp Love2Cook Oven is designed for those of us who are time-poor but would still rather cook than get a ready meal. It offers auto-cooking functions for 150 chef-created dishes. All you need to do is make your auto cooking dish selection, provide the right ingredients and follow the super simple recipe via the Sharp Smart Home App.

The oven sets the ideal temperature, function and programme duration. You're also able to access the LCD display remotely via the app, so you don't even need to be there to switch it on.

If you have to speed up the meal time prep, you can even remotely access the boost function to accelerate pre-heat times by up to fifty per cent. Here's what the app looks like:

The app also enables you to activate holiday mode on appliances like the £1,799 Sharp SJ-F1526E0I double-door fridge/freezer even if you've already left home. This mode automatically increases the temperature of both the fridge freezer compartments. The clever tech also means you can redeploy freezer compartments as fridges (called AdaptiZone) if you have more groceries that you imagined – you can even do this while you're still at the supermarket.

A SuperQuick Cool feature also means you can tell the appliance to work harder to cool food when you first put it in. The Home App can also be used to programme your ashing machine and even set up a cleaning mode.

As long as the dishwasher door is shut and the dishes are loaded, the app can also be used to set off the £649 Sharp QW-GD65F444I dishwasher, which also features ultra-fast dishwashing with an 18 minute wash plus a more vigorous half hour wash. - only nine litres of water are used.

The ES-GFT8146I3 – also £649 – also works with the app so you can mirror the LCD display on the machine and so also view and set all 15 programming options. It comes with a speedy twelve minute programme that washes clothes at 30 degrees. There's also a drum cleaning cycle.

Environmental impact and efficiency is also a big theme for many new appliances, with Sharp's SuperEco+ Dishwasher, ThermoJet+ Washing Machine, Advanced CookBridge Hob and 4LifeHub – a Wi-Fi enabled double door Fridge/freezer – leading the way.

The dishwasher features a new way to clean the dirtiest crockery, with a more concentrated clean on the left and right of the bottom basket. You can also separate the dishwasher into two zones. There are also other handy features including a StemSafe basket to hold wine glasses safely.

Sharp also claims its ThermoJet+ Washer is so efficient it can save you up to half an hour on a 60°C cotton wash, nearly forty minutes on a 40°C cotton programme and around forty-four minutes on a 90°C cotton cycle.

Sharp has also joined the growing band of manufacturers with a Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Hub-type double-door fridge-freezer called the 4LifeHub. It features a whopping 21-inch LCD display. Again it works with AdaptiZone so you can allocate freezer areas for refrigeration.

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