Control your Sphero BB-8 droid with the Force (or hand gestures) later this month

The Force Band awakens on 30 September

The BB-8 remote control droid may have been out for a good year already, but that doesn't mean creator Sphero is quite done with the trundling, super-cute bot as it prepares to launch the gesture control-based peripheral, the Force Band.

The Force Band, which is due for release on 30 September, straps onto your midi-chlorian-filled wrist and enables you to control your BB-8 droid toy with a series of hand gestures. So basically you can look like a Jedi and a pratt and still enjoy controlling your new speherical robot.

The original version of the Force Band was a lot cleaner-looking when it was unveiled earlier in the year, with this new incarnation taking on a rugged sand-blasted look that wouldn't look out of place in Kylo Ren's utility belt or a Tatooine tool box.

If you're the kind of person who can't bare to have a peripheral that doesn't quite match the origina item it's been designed to accompany, you can also buy a Special Edition bundle that includes the rugged-lookin Force Band with an equally battled-hardened version of BB-8.

In a nice touch for old school Sphero users, the Force Band can also be used with the firm's previous creations such as the Ollie and SPRK+ robots.

The Force Band on its own can be picked up for £69.99, or you can invest in the Special Edition bundle for only £179.99.

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