If you buy one Black Friday mattress deal today, make it this one

No need to wade through all the noise, here's the best mattress bargain of the Black Friday sales

Simba Hybrid Pro Black Friday deal
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There are plenty of Black Friday mattress deals kicking around today, and wading through all the options can be confusing to say the least. I review mattresses for my job at T3, and it's also my responsibility to keep a beady eye on prices. So to take the stress out of choosing your new mattress, I've taken all my learnings into account and bring you one top pick. 

It is this: the Simba Hybrid Pro, with 45% off. This is an absolutely excellent product, and in the Black Friday mattress sales it's £681.45 for a Double, rather than the usual £1,239. I'd always advocate spending as much as you can on a mattress, because it really does pay in terms of comfort to spend a bit more (you're going to be stuck with your decision for maybe 7-10 years, which is a long time to spend on a sub-standard mattress). With the discount, I think that's great value for what you're getting.

For the full rundown, you want to consult our Simba Hybrid Pro review. The top layer delivers cloud-like softness, which the firmer layer beneath provides the support you need to keep your spine happy. It also delivers great temperature regulation and strong movement isolation – so you won't be disturbed by a restless bedmate.


Simba Hybrid Pro mattress:  double was £1,239, now £681.45
45% off!
The Simba Hybrid Pro is a T3 Award-winning, high-end mattress. There are 7 layers total, including a soft, cloud-like top layer, a firmer second layer for excellent support, and two layers of titanium 'Aerocoil' springs. It's a bit of an investment, but much more affordable with this big Black Friday discount. You could over £680 on the biggest sizes. 

Is there any chance you could get this mattress for cheaper? Well, I've been monitoring the Simba mattress deals and discounts for nearly two years now (as well as any cheap mattress deals from other brands) and this is the cheapest the Hybrid Pro has ever been. Simba does 30% off discounts fairly regularly, but this is obviously significantly more than that. 

Ruth Hamilton

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