Black Friday mattress deals UK: our fave deals all end tonight

These excellent Black Friday mattress deals are still live, but not for long!

Black Friday mattress deals: Brook + Wilde Lux
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Black Friday is officially over, but there are plenty of cheap mattress deals still kicking around. A number of Black Friday mattress deals will finish tonight, though (it's Cyber Monday today), which means if you've held off buying; it's now or never.

Wading through all the options and deals can be confusing. To make things simpler, I've rounded up all the best Black Friday mattress deals that are worth your time, with clear links to where you can find more information about each model. It's my job to review mattresses; I've personally tested a bunch of these, and have been monitoring prices from all the main brands for a couple of years now. Based on all that, these are the Black Friday mattress deals and sales that I'd recommend. 

Black Friday is a great opportunity to knock several hundred pounds off a luxury option that you'd never normally be able to afford. For those, head to our Black Friday deals under £700 section. It's also time to bag a complete bargain on something simpler for the spare room – you'll find these in our deals under £350 section. 

Not sure what you want? Your first port of call should be T3's best mattress and best memory foam mattress guides, both of which have plenty of advice. And if you're in the market for a bargain, consult T3's best Black Friday deals page (and bookmark this Cyber Monday deals page too, to get ahead). Now read on for my picks of the best Black Friday mattress deals 2021.

Best Black Friday mattress deals: under £700

When people ask me which mattress they should buy, this is what I say. They're all hybrids, which mix layers of different materials. For my money, this is the best type of mattress: the springs allow for better airflow though the mattress, give something of that traditional bouncy feel, and seem to offer better overall support than most all-foam models. And the foam toppers provide an ultra-comfy sleep surface. These are my top recommendations in the Black Friday mattress sales:

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress: double was £699, now £419.40 with code BF4545% off! Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress: double was £699, now £419.40 with code BF45
45% off! Brook + Wilde is a luxury British brand that makes excellent mattresses. The Lux is the cheapest of the range, and incredible value at sub-£500 for the Double. You can choose your firmness level (I'd go for Firm). Find out more in our Brook + Wilde Lux mattress review. Reasons to go for an alternative? Well, there's no removable cover, and the delivery times are longer than competitors (around 2 weeks for the Lux, longer for the other two models). 
Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov

Emma Premium mattress: double was £999, now £449.55 with code SUPERT3 at Emma55% off! Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov

Emma Premium mattress: double was £999, now £449.55 with code SUPERT3 at Emma
55% off! The Emma Premium takes the brand's supremely comfy memory foam and adds a layer of tall springs, which makes it both more breathable and more supportive than the foam-only version. T3's tester found this mattress enormously comfy, as you'll see in our Emma Premium mattress review. Reasons not to choose the Emma Premium? This traps heat a little, so if you tend to sleep hot you'd be better off with one of the alternatives.
Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov


Simba Hybrid Pro mattress:  double was £1,239, now £681.45
45% off!
The Simba Hybrid Pro sits in the middle of the Simba range. This high-end mattress has a soft, cloud-like top layer, with a firmer second layer for the support you need. The temperature regulation is great, as is movement isolation. Check our Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review for more info. It's a bit more of an investment than the other two recommendations, but I think worth it if you can afford it.
Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov

Best cheap Black Friday mattress deals: under £350

On a tighter budget? These are the best cheap Black Friday mattress deals of the year. To qualify for this category, I've only included mattresses that are under £350 for a Double. They'll be fine as a main mattress, but are also great for spare rooms, packing your teen off to uni with, and so on. 

Eve Lighter hybrid mattress: double was £429, now £25740% off! Deal ends: midnight 2 Dec

Eve Lighter hybrid mattress: double was £429, now £257
40% off! The Eve Lighter Hybrid is a great option if you're after a cheap mattress. It's only 20cm thick, but the evecomfort foam is dreamily comfy and delivers good temperature regulation, and there are 650 full sized pocket springs. It's also available in a foam only version, which is even cheaper – read what we thought of that in our Eve Lighter mattress review.
Deal ends: midnight 2 Dec

Otty Aura Hybrid mattress (double): was £699.99, now £349.9950% off! Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov

Otty Aura Hybrid mattress (double): was £699.99, now £349.99
50% off! The Aura sits at the cheapest end of OTTY range, but still delivers a good night's sleep. This 23cm tall hybrid includes 16cm pocket springs for support, and temperature regulating foam for comfort. I really rate this mattress brand, and have had great experiences with its other models. 
Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov

Emma Original mattress: was £699, now £346 at Emma with code SUPERT3Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov

Emma Original mattress: was £699, now £346 at Emma with code SUPERT3
If you've got your heart set on a memory foam mattress, I'd recommend the Emma Original. This mattress is supremely comfy, with a sleep surface that gently cradles you for a restful night's sleep. Head to our Emma mattress review for more info. Be aware that this model does trap head a little, so it's best avoided if you tend to sleep hot, and it's on the softer side, which will suit some people but not everyone.
Deal ends: midnight 29 Nov

Other Black Friday mattress sales to browse

If you want to enter the Wild West of third party mattress retailers, check out the links below. Discounts are big, but you'll have to do a fair bit more digging to find what you want.

Black Friday mattress deals 2021: everything you need to know

The winter sales are probably the best time to buy a mattress. The annual Black Friday mattress sales typically take prices down to the lowest they're going to be (although there's a bit of a trend developing for brands matching their Black Friday offers elsewhere in the year, and especially in the summer). 

2021's event is today (26 November) and we're seeing some great price drops, with most brands bettering what they offered in 2021, and either matching or bettering their best price drops from the rest of the year. 

When do the Black Friday mattress sales go live?

This year, as has become the norm, the sales started well before the Black Friday proper. Most big mattress brands launched 'early access' Black Friday sales near the start of November, before dropping their official Black Friday mattress deals around two weeks out from 25 November. Only Eve held fire until Thursday 25. 

Where are the best Black Friday mattress deals? 

All the major mattress brands run offers regularly throughout the year, so the 'best Black Friday deals' is relative. However, 2021's deals are undoubtedly good. Most brands have knocked a blanket 45% off prices (Simba, Emma, Brook + Wilde, and Nectar). That's better than 2020, when it was more common to see 40% off sales.

The only other thing to be aware of is that T3 often manages to swing extra discounts for our readers. For Black Friday 2021, we have negotiated an extra discount code, which means you can take the total discount up to 50.5%, for example. So it's worth bookmaking this page to make sure you don't miss anything. 

There are also sales and price matching at the likes of John Lewis and Amazon. And of course, major price drops at specialist third party retailers, but those places have sales on all year round, so it's worth taking pricing with a pinch of salt. 

What happened for Black Friday 2020?

2020's event took place on 27 Nov, with Cyber Monday following on 30 Nov, and despite it being a very tough year for retail, thanks in part to the effects of the pandemic, there were still some excellent cheap mattress deals to take advantage of.

In 2020, sales started early and lasted longer than usual. The UK lagged a bit behind the US in launching its Black Friday mattress deals, but by mid November almost all the big brands had launched their official Black Friday offer (a number of brands started upping their discounts in late October). 

For the most part, prices didn't drop any further on Black Friday or Cyber Monday themselves (the exception was Eve). Most offers ended either on the night of Cyber Monday or a few days later. From this, we'd suggest its not worth waiting until the 'official' day to purchase – you might be able to dodge the delivery backlog by ordering a week or so before Black Friday. 

Every year, pretty much all the big brands and retailers get involved to offer some kind of price drop, freebie, or discount code. Who gave the biggest discounts? Emma, Eve and Simba dropped prices by up to 35%, while OTTY was more generous, giving shoppers up to 45% off. Nectar knocked a flat £125 off its full range, and threw in two free pillows. So, decent deals all round. 

Ruth Hamilton

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