I used this simple trick to get a double Black Friday discount on PlayStation Plus

Sony's taking 25% off PlayStation Plus – but I got a year's subscription for even less

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If you've been thinking about a PlayStation Plus subscription for your PS4 or PS5 but the cost has put you off, you're going to love this: not only can you get 25% off from Sony in its Black Friday PlayStation deals, but you can get even more with one simple step. I tried this myself last night and it's completely legitimate.

The trick, as uncovered by IGN, is to buy a discounted PS Plus gift card from Amazon and then use that to pay for your discounted PS Plus subscription. 

Get a huge Black Friday discount on PlayStation Plus Premium

Here's how it works. 

First of all, pick the PlayStation Plus subscription you're interested in. The biggest savings are on the most expensive Premium tier, and on annual subscriptions, so Sony is currently offering a year of PS Plus Premium for £74.99 instead of the usual £99.99.

Don't buy it yet. Instead, head over to Amazon UK and buy a £75 PS Plus Premium Gift Card for £63.88. It's a digital delivery so within a few seconds you'll have the discount code in your software locker.

Now, sign in to the PlayStation Store on the web or in your console and redeem the code. 

And that's it. All you need to do is sign up before 28 November.

I've been wary of PlayStation Plus since the revamped service launched, because it was Xbox Game Pass money without the Game Pass launch day titles. But at £64 instead of £99 it's much better value, and there are plenty of titles I want to play. Just as well I bought one of the best PS5 SSDs: looks like I'm going to fill it up fairly quickly. If you don't already have extra storage, the WD_Black is currently available on a really good Black Friday deal. That's what I've got in my PS5 and it's been the perfect PlayStation partner.

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