I test protein powders for a living – my favourite is currently less than £16!

If you like Irn Bru, then you'll LOVE this

MyProtein Iron Brute Clear Whey Protein
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If you want to build muscle then, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “you need to eat your proteins”. Protein powder is one of the easiest ways to hit your protein goal and right now you can get your hands on one of the best protein powders on the market for less than £16  from MyProtein – the award-wining Stoltman Iron Brute Clear Whey Protein

Maybe I’m pushing it labelling it as ‘the best', but as an active writer part of my job is testing and finding the best fitness products – including the best protein powders – and, let me tell you, I’ve tasted quite a few and this one is bloody beautiful! If you prefer a fruity, light, refreshing protein, rather than necking back a thick, milky one, then you’ll love this. Also, not forgetting the best part, it literally tastes like Irn Bru.  

Clear Whey Protein - Stoltman Iron Brute flavour: was £34.99, now £17.61

Clear Whey Protein - Stoltman Iron Brute flavour: was £34.99, now £17.61

Created with Luke and Tom Stoltman - the World's Strongest Brothers. Use the code 'STOLTMAN' at the checkout to receive an extra 10% off, bringing the total price to £15.64, an absolute bargain!

The powder contains 20g of protein, zero fat or sugar and is only 81 calories, so it’s ideal for helping you up your protein intake, without overloading your calories. Although, if that’s something you need to do I’d recommend checking out our best weight gainers. My only gripe with this protein is that it froths up quite a lot and can cause a bit of an explosion if you open your shaker immediately afterwards (so let it settle first). Otherwise, it's a five out of five stars from me.   

Bryony Firth-Bernard
Staff Writer, Active

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