I got to see Samsung’s new Bespoke AI fridge freezer and this is my favourite feature

Samsung launches new Bespoke AI appliances, and the AI Family Hub fridge freezer is its smartest yet

Samsung 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with AI Family Hub
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has just unveiled its new home appliances line-up with Bespoke AI technology. Its newest edition of the Family Hub fridge freezer is smarter than ever before, with a clearer camera for food identification, and an extra large LCD screen for intuitive AI experiences.

With AI slowly but surely taking over many smart home devices and appliances, it seems only logical that Samsung started adding AI to its extensive range of products. The new Bespoke AI appliances, including the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo robot vacuum and mop, are designed to perform exceptionally well with ‘the usual tasks’ while also offering a platform for entertainment and a control hub for connected appliances via Samsung SmartThings.

With this idea at the forefront of its Bespoke AI collection, Samsung has developed a new Samsung AI Family Hub Fridge Freezer. Based on its original smart fridge design (which has a spot in our best American-style fridge freezer guide), the new Bespoke AI version of Samsung’s Family Hub is AI driven and the “primary control centre for all things food.”

Ever wanted to answer your phone or play music using your fridge? Well, with Samsung’s AI Family Hub Fridge Freezer, you can do all those things and more. Its large LCD screen is located at the front right panel of the fridge, and has added AI features for kitchen entertainment, food storage and cooking recommendations.

The most impressive feature of the Samsung AI Family Hub Fridge Freezer is its food recognition. Using AI Vision Inside, the fridge has an internal camera which films and tracks the food you put into and take out of the fridge. The camera identifies the different items and lists them on the AI Family Hub display to show you what they are, their use-by dates and offer recipe suggestions.

Samsung 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with AI Family Hub on a white background

(Image credit: Samsung)

I recently got to see the new Samsung AI Family Hub Fridge Freezer, and while I initially thought that smart fridges were a bit of a gimmick, I quickly changed my mind when I saw this refrigerator in action. This super sized smart fridge freezer is extremely clever, and I was impressed by its quick and intuitive responses to food being added and removed from it.

The recipe suggestions are more customised than before, and users can select the ingredients they want to use before the AI Family Hub finds a recipe that includes all the items. I really enjoyed the shopping list feature, as you can add to your shopping list and do your food shop via the fridge. The AI Family Hub also allows you to compare different supermarkets, including Sainsbury's, Tesco and Ocado, to find the best prices.

Being able to use the AI Family Hub as a control centre is really impressive, and you can easily connect your fridge to other appliances around your home. As a Samsung phone user, I could easily check in on my fridge via the SmartThings app to check what ingredients I’m missing and what’s about to go out of date.

The only downside I could see with the Samsung AI Family Hub Fridge Freezer was its size. Unsurprisingly, it’s not a small appliance so if you have limited kitchen space, this won’t be the fridge freezer for you. But Samsung has thought of this, and come out with a smaller smart fridge freezer which fits into slimmer spaces but still offers a huge amount of storage space.

The Samsung AI Family Hub Fridge Freezer starts at £3,199.

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