Forget heated clothes airers – I'll buy this heated clothes hanger this Black Friday instead

Aerative's Portable airer can not only dry shoes, jackets and shirts, but they'll also keep them warm when needed

Aerative Heated Clothes Hanger Black Friday deal
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In these cost-of-living times, we must be frugal at all times. We spend most of our hard-earned money on energy – after rent/mortgage, of course – trying to keep our homes well-heated. No one likes putting on cold clothes and shoes in the morning! I wish there was a way to keep the radiators off without feeling the chill in my bones.

Well, there is! Aerative's Heated Clothes Hanger is not only cheaper on Black Friday, but it can keep your clothes warm this winter without blowing a hole in your budget (by keeping the heating on all the time). It's compact enough to be kept in a drawer or in a bag, so you can have it on you all the time. Perfect.

Aerative Heated Clothes Hanger: Was £74, now £60 at Amazon

Aerative Heated Clothes Hanger: Was £74, now £60 at Amazon
Dry and warm your clothes and shoes at home or on the go with this portable dryer from Aerative. The kit comes complete with the Aerative device, a drawstring protective pouch, four clothes pegs, and the instruction manual. Please note: this is an Exclusive Prime deal, so you need a Prime account to buy it for this price.

What's the Aerative Heated Clothes Hanger, and should you buy one on Black Friday?

The Aerative portable dryer is lightweight and portable, allowing you up to 8-hours of automatic drying. With fully extendable and rotatable arms, the Aerative can dry (and warm) jackets, t-shirts, jumpers, shoes, and more. It works by ejecting hot air through its air ducts running through an alloy wire heating mechanism – simple yet effective!

The Aerative Heated Clothes Hanger is also perfect for travelling. It enables you to deal with unexpected downpours or accidents, should you need to hand wash and dry your clothes on location. Better still, the Aerative features a UV lamp that eliminates 99.9% of potentially harmful bacteria and mites to eradicate unwanted germs on clothes while simultaneously drying them.

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