I can't believe the Samsung Galaxy S22 is getting tech from my PS5 and Xbox Series X

Samsung's new smartphone chip is getting a serious graphics upgrade

Exynos processor for Samsung Galaxy S22
(Image credit: samsung.com)

Samsung's plans to make the Samsung Galaxy S22 one of 2022's best phones are starting to become clear: the latest teaser from the tech giant says we'll find out all about the phone's new processor in less than two weeks – and we're expecting the Samsung Galaxy S22 launch date to be within weeks of that.

The processor, which we expect Samsung will call the Exynos 2200, will no doubt do the usual more performance/more efficiency thing. But it'll also have more graphics power. That's because it's getting the same GPU architecture as the Xbox Series X and PS5.

PS5 power in your pocket? Yes please

As The Verge reports, the Exynos 2200 has a GPU powered by AMD's RDNA 2 graphics – the same architecture you'll find in the Xbox Series X and the PS5. Of course there's a slight difference in scale here, so don't expect the Samsung Galaxy S22 to deliver the same power as the flagship consoles and graphics cards. But given that the Samsung Galaxy S21 already features in our best gaming phones guide, the new GPU could be a big boost for smartphone gamers.

Or at least, it is for non-US gamers. Samsung usually puts Snapdragons in its US models, and we'd expect the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 to power US Samsung Galaxy S22 phones. That's exciting too: it's currently destroying all other Android phones in gaming benchmarks, and in some cases it's even outperforming Apple's iPhone 13 Pro.

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