HUGE iPhone 12 leak confirms four new phones to smash Samsung Galaxy Note 20

A new leak adds weight to the rumour next-generation iPhone 12 range will get four new devices

Apple iPhone 12
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Even though the iPhone SE has only just been released, the handset we're really excited for from Apple is the iPhone 12. Or rather, handsets plural. Set to be stuffed with next-generation technology according to rumours, leaks and renders, the iPhone 12 series is going to come with more options than ever before.

That's because the iPhone 12, according to multiple sources, is set to debut with a whopping four handsets. Some thought the iPhone Se was going to be included in this range, but as it's only recently dropped, a new leak goes a long way to confirming that yes, four true iPhone 12 handsets are still on the cards for Apple. 

A new report from trusted news outlet Bloomberg, who have spoken to anonymous Apple insiders, has corroborated this. The insiders reveal the phones are being redesigned with flatter edges, eschewing the curved screen trend that's gripped all its Android rivals for the last year or two. 

The two "premium" phones, which we'll call iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max for posterity's sake, we already assumed will be 5G-ready. But the other two phones, rumoured to be simply called iPhone 12 and available in two different sizes, are listed by Bloomberg as being 5G-capable as well. 

The two high-end devices are said to arrive with flat, stainless-steel edges, further reducing the curving, triple-camera rear arrays and sharper corners reminiscent of the iPad Pro. It's unclear whether the lower-end devices will follow this design.

iPhone 11

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That's not all. Apple is reportedly revamping its HomePod smart speaker after failing to connect with customers in the same way Google Home and Amazon Echo has been able to. The new HomePod is reportedly smaller, allowing it to go toe-to-toe with Alexa's bestselling Echo Dot.

The new HomePod is said to launch at the same time as the iPhone 12 range. This is interesting: the timings mean the HomePod is likely to be offered in a package deal with the new iPhones by some providers, in order to increase Apple's share of the smart speaker market.

The final device set to be unveiled in the autumn is Apple Tags. Just like Tile's range of smart trackers, Apple Tags are designed to work with your iPhone and HomePod to allow you to track all your important items like keys and wallet. 

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is said to be undergoing a redesign

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Expect a big digital Apple event late autumn, in which the electronics company will unveil all its new devices. Although iPhones usually debut in September, Apple is likely to postpone its big launch due to the current global health crisis creating production delays.

There's plenty of rumours around what the iPhone 12 series could look like: under-screen selfie cameras, in-built projectors and 5G connectivity have been bandied around by analysts and render artists. We'll know more for sure when the phones arrive later this year. 

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