How to watch the 2019 UK General Election results online for FREE – live stream from anywhere

The results of the most important General Election of a generation are flooding in. Watch it all online, for free, from wherever you are

watch general election online 2019 live stream
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The 2019 General Election results are on their way with a big Conservative majority looking likely. So will the UK be getting Brexit done, changing politics for good or building for a brighter future? To see the outcome of today's historic vote, we'll explain quickly how to watch the General Election results online for free – even if you're outside the UK.

It's the Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn show, with the likes of Jo Swinson, Nicola Sturgeon and Nigel Farage as co-stars. You probably don't need us to tell you just how bitter and divisive the 2019 UK General Election campaign has been. Prominent politicians on all sides have been attacked for their views, records and words.

The incumbent Conservatives are desperate to get the seats they need to earn a majority, which will potentially give them the numbers they need to pass a Brexit deal on their terms. Corbyn's Labour are the ones most likely to stop them but, with the possibility of a hung Parliament looming, any extra seats won by the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party could be more important than ever.

The feedback from the exit polls and results will commence from 10pm GMT today and if you've landed on this page then we're guessing you want to make sure you don't miss it as it happens. If you're away from the TV – and even if you're out of the country – we can tell you how to easy it is to stream General Election coverage, and all absolutely free. Keep reading to see how to watch the General Election online.

Watch 2019 UK General Election online for free in the UK

How to watch the General Election online from outside the UK

This vote is being touted as the most important General Election of a generation and it's not hard to see why when you consider the main issues on the manifestos. So if you happen to be out of the country today (we hope you got your postal votes in!) we imagine you'll still want to see what happens in real time.

But try to tune in on your chosen app or website to see the results come in and you'll find that the stream is blocked due to geo-restrictions.

To get around this, there's a really simple bit of software you can install on your phone or laptop (or even a TV streaming device like Chromecast or Roku) called a VPN - short for Virtual Private Network. It lets you virtually change your IP address back to the UK. It's encrypted too, making it a safer way to navigate the web anyway.

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