Made by Google 2024 how to watch – see the Pixel 9 launch live

Google's next major launch event is earlier this year, here's how to follow it all as it happens

Made by Google 2023
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Google has pulled a bit of a shock this year, by scheduling its annual Made by Google launch event a lot earlier than usual.

The company traditionally unveils its latest Android phones, watches and other devices in October – after the likes of Apple and Samsung – but has opted for a late summer presentation in 2024 instead.

It will take place on 13 August and streamed online. We're expecting to see the new Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL phones, a Pixel 9 Fold, and possibly the Pixel Watch 3. There could also be new Nest devices announced, and maybe even the much-rumoured replacement for the Chromecast with Google TV.

Here's everything you need to know about the Made by Google keynote.

How to watch Made by Google 2024

The latest Made by Google keynote address will take place in the company's own Mountain View headquarters in California. It will be hosted on 13 August 2024, although a specific time is yet to be announced.

We hope to host the event live right here on T3 closer to the time.

Alternatively, it will invariably be streamed live on Google's own YouTube channel.

What time does Made by Google 2024 start?

We don't yet know the start time for the August 2024 Made by Google event. We'll update when more details arrive.

What to expect

As well as the myriad of new devices the company is expected to launch this year – including the Google Pixel 9 family and Pixel Watch 3 – Google will undoubtedly focus a large part of its Made by Google press conference on Gemini.

Google's AI systems are being adopted right across its device portfolio, including Chromebooks and Nest smart home kit, so we'll find out a lot more about the different applications we should be able to use over the coming months.

There might also be talk on rivals and partners adopting some Gemini features, such as Apple, which is tipped to be building support for Google's AI assistant into its own Apple Intelligence tools in the coming months.

Perhaps that's why Google has shifted its event to precede Apple and its traditional September iPhone launch shindig – it wants to get the Gemini details out there beforehand.

We'll find out more over the coming weeks, as Made by Google nears. T3 will bring you all the info as we get it.

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