Save over 40% with this cheap portable air conditioner deal at Walmart

Grab a portable air conditioner on sale for just $273.99 today – a solid 43% off the standard tag price

cheap portable ac deal
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With the heatwaves hitting hard this year, you may be in a bind to find a cheap portable air conditioner on sale today to beat the heat. Portable AC's are a great way to stay cool even in the hottest temps, providing central AC-like cooling in a portable, easy-to-move and setup unit.

On sale for $273.99, this MARNUR portable AC unit gets a whopping 49% price cut at Walmart. For those familiar with portable AC's, these things don't run cheap and with a standard price tag of over $450 can be a tough buy. Thankfully, this cheap portable AC deal at Walmart is just the thing to make it a bit easier.

MARNUR 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner / Dehumidifier
Now: $273.99 | Was: $449.99 | Savings: $216 (43%)

MARNUR 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner / Dehumidifier
Now: $273.99 | Was: $449.99 | Savings: $216 (43%)
Perfect for small homes and offices, this portable AC cools areas of up to 200 sq. ft. quickly and efficiently. It also features plenty of modes including dehumidifying settings, timed settings and more.

In our guide to the best portable air conditioners, we go into detail as to what exactly you should look for when it comes to buying a portable AC unit. These nifty cooling machines make it easy to cool and dehumidify small homes and offices unlucky enough to not have central heating/cooling systems.

If you're in Portland, Oregon for example and are frying alive in that hot sun, one of these MARNUR portable AC's will save the day by turning that living room of yours into an arctic wonderland. They'll require a bit more energy usage, but more of these units provide energy saving modes and settings to keep you cool without frying the home circuits.

For the price and the discount here, this is hard deal to pass up. MARNUR is a respectable brand that offers fairly budget-friendly AC units, with many receiving favorable reviews among more popular brands. For almost 50% off too, you have nothing to lose on this one. If you're dying in the heat and need something to cool off that room, this is a solid buy you'll be happy you made.

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