Under Armour sent me a Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket to try and I'm not sending it back

Wearing the UA x Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket makes me feel like I'm an actual Virgin Galactic space captain

UA x Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket
(Image credit: Future)

Being a fitness writer comes with its perks. For example, on occasions, companies send you products to try and if you happen to like the sort of stuff you write about, well then you're in luck. I'm one of these people and I'm feeling extra lucky now that Under Armour decided to send me the UA x Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket to try. In fact, I like it so much, I decided that I won't be sending it back.

So as it happens, Under Armour launched its new UA x Virgin Galactic Capsule Collection last week to commemorate Sir Richard Branson being hauled into space (temporarily) on board the VSS Unity space craft. And while I wasn't all that interested in the actual space trip, I was certainly curious about some items in the Collection, especially the Flight Jacket.

UA x Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket

(Image credit: Future)

I voiced my interest in the article linked above, UA got wind of my interest and asked me if I wanted to give the jacket a try. 'DO I WANT TO GIVE THE FLIGHT JACKET A TRY!?' was my exact reply and within a few days I was holding the Flight Jacket in my hands.

Despite temperatures soaring outside, I couldn't not wear the jacket. Not only does it fit my upper body like a glove, but a glove shaped like my upper body, but it's just so damn cool. It looked cool in UA’s promotional photos and I hoped it might not look too terrible on me either, but boy-oh-boy, did the jacket deliver the experience I was hoping for!

UA x Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket

(Image credit: Future)

Not only that but UA x Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket is also highly functional. For starters it has a million pockets, which I love. There are pockets everywhere on the jacket, including my favourite, a hidden zippered pocket just above the cuff on the left sleeve. There is also a visible pocket on the upper left arm, your usual side pockets and an inner pocket too. Perfect for storing phones, keys, wallet, phaser, tricorder and, of course, your mask.

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Although it doesn’t allow you to float in space, the jacket features UA Storm technology that repels water without sacrificing breathability: perfect for the beautiful English summertime! Truth to be told, wearing the jacket last week did make me feel a bit toasty inside but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make in order to look less of a dork than usual.

Normally, after giving the products a go you start organising the return but I decided to keep the UA x Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket, even if I have to pay the full RRP which is admittedly not cheap ($250/£220). Maybe this was UA's plan all along? Getting me to try it and fall in love with it?

If you fancy buying yourself one, here is the link for the UK site: Under Armour UK. Or you can also just have a rummage around and see if you fancy any other items on the UA x Virgin Galactic Capsule Collection. They are pretty awesome too. 

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