Hair care and botanicals?! Remington’s new collection is enriched with plant-based extracts

For style and shine, you need to check out the new Remington Botanicals collection

Remington Botanicals collection
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Personal care brand, Remington has just launched its new Botanicals collection, featuring four new hair tools that have been enriched with plant-based extracts. I know what you’re thinking: hair care and botanicals together?! Well, it turns out these two are a match made in heaven if you want stylish hair that’s healthy and shiny.

Remington is best known for designing and manufacturing personal care appliances, including hair removal, shaving, grooming, haircare and facial cleaning brushes. Many of its products feature in our guides for the best hair dryers, the best hair straighteners and the best curlers, due to their impressive technology, high performance and affordability.

Recently released by Remington, the Botanicals collection is inspired by nature and enriched with plant-based extracts, including aloe vera, rose and jojoba. Initially, I was surprised to hear that you could infuse botanical extracts into hair tools, but these extracts are added into the hair tools in the form of micro-conditioners. These infused micro-conditioners are released into the airflow and plates to care for each strand of hair that’s being dried or styled.

The new Remington collection is made up of the Botanicals Hair Dryer, the Botanicals Hair Straighteners, the Botanicals Rotating Air Styler and the Botanicals Curling Wand. All these hair tools feature the aloe vera, rose and jojoba extracts and they have a new BotaniCare Temperature setting. This new heat setting lowers the temperature to 185-degrees to protect hair and reduce damage. It also works alongside the Ionic Conditioning function which reduces frizz and flyaways.

Taking a look closer at the collection, the Botanicals Hair Dryer offers beautiful salon-worthy results that leaves hair looking and feeling healthy, smooth and shiny. It works well with straight and curly hair, and comes with a diffuser and 6mm concentrator for more versatile styling.

Hair tools from Remington Botanicals line

(Image credit: Remington)

The Botanicals Hair Straighteners are ideal for quick and easy styling, with a 16 second heat up time, 10 heat settings and a digital temperature control. The extracts are infused in the Advanced Ceramic Coated Plates which work to calm frizz and create smoothness.

The latest hair trend has involved 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 styling tools, and the Botanicals Rotating Air Styler is joining the trend. Made for drying and curling, this 2-in-1 styler adds shape and volume with its multi-directional rotation and soft bristles. The last addition to the collection is the Botanicals Curling Wand that has a 13 - 25mm conical conical barrel for effortless waves, tight ringlets and beautiful curls.

All four tools from the Remington Botanicals collection come in a mint green colour and are priced from £41.99 to £77.99. The entire collection is available on the Remington website and exclusively to Boots.

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