Haier's washing machine uses AI to detect clothes and keep them fresher for longer

Haier launches the new X Series 11 laundry collection with AI features and freshening technology

Haier X Series 11
(Image credit: Haier)

Haier has announced its X Series 11, featuring a new washing machine and tumble dryer. The laundry collection uses AI to detect the amount and type of fabrics for a more tailored clean, and Ultra Fresh Air technology to keep clothes fresh and clean for up to 12 hours.

Both the Haier X Series 11 washing machine and tumble dryer are available to buy now for £1,299.

Haier has just launched its new X Series 11 for a smarter and fresher laundry experience. Packed with AI technology and smart features, the new X Series 11 washing machine and tumble dryer can keep your clothes fresher for longer, while detecting the fabric for a more tailored clean.

Haier has had a complete rebrand and reinvention over the past few years, with its introduction of small appliances, as well as offering a full smart energy solution, called the Haier Smart Cube. But Haier has always been known for its larger appliances, including the best washing machine and the best tumble dryer, and its latest X Series 11 might be its best yet.

Starting with the Haier X Series 11 Washing Machine, the freestanding washer weighs 11kg and has a 1400 RPM with 16 programmes to choose from. Its most impressive feature is its new Ultra Fresh Air system which uses the power of air to keep your clothes fresh and clean after the end of every cycle.

For people who put their washing machine on overnight, you might find that your clothes smell a little stale or mouldy if you keep them in the drum for too long. But with Haier’s new Ultra Fresh Air Technology, your clothes can sit in your machine for up to 12 hours and avoid any bacteria formulation and bad odours.

Next, the freestanding 9kg Haier X Series 11 Tumble Dryer has a Twin Motor and Ultra Reverse Drum which evenly dries your clothes without stretching them or tangling them together. Its new Flexy Air feature allows you to adjust the airflow intensity between five different levels, based on the type of fabric you want to dry and how long you want to use your tumble dryer for.

Haier X Series 11

(Image credit: Haier)

As smart technology takes over the home, the Haier X Series 11 is no different and comes with the accompanying hOn app. With the app, you can completely customise each washing cycle and manage the process while you’re away from home. Both the washing machine and tumble dryer benefit from AI technology which gives you more control over your laundry process.

With the power of AI, the Haier X Series 11 Washing Machine can recognise washing labels and automatically detect the amount of type of fabrics being washed, to adjust the detergent dose, temperature and timing. Additionally, the Haier X Series 11 Tumble Dryer can also detect the type of garment and fabric, as well as the load size to set the right cycle for your clothes. All of this and more is explained and notified to you via your smartphone and the hOn app.

With prices rising, the Haier X Series 11 also has the highest energy efficiency level to help you save money and energy while protecting the environment. The Haier X Series 11 Washing Machine and the Haier X Series 11 Tumble Dryer are both available to buy now for £1,299 each. 

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