I saw the Haier Smart Cube and its new connected appliances look efficient and powerful

Haier introduces its innovative Smart Cube that runs on solar energy

Haier Smart Cube
(Image credit: Haier)

Haier has announced plans to replace Hoover Ltd with new company name, Haier Smart Home UK & Ireland. The rebrand comes with the unveiling of the Haier Smart Cube, an all-in-one unit that uses solar energy to power your household appliances.

Home and kitchen appliances manufacturer, Haier has recently announced its newly named company, Haier Smart Home UK & Ireland that replaces Hoover Ltd. As Haier has progressed from white goods into smart home technology, the brand has also unveiled the Haier Smart Cube, a new connected smart appliance system that’s designed to revolutionise your home’s energy management.

One of the main reasons smart home technology, like the best smart bulbs and the best smart thermostats, have been adopted in most homes is due to their money and energy saving properties. Being able to control your lights, heating and appliances from a smartphone app has helped many customers cut down their energy bills, by turning things off and on remotely, setting timers and schedules, and much more.

Haier has been investing and developing smart technology for a while now, but its latest innovation, the Haier Smart Cube, has been introduced as a way to power all your home appliances.

The Haier Smart Cube is an all-in-one unit that features a Heat Pump controller, EV Charger, Inverter and battery storage. All stacked in one unit, the Haier Smart Cube harvests and runs on solar energy to power your household products, all of which can be controlled with the hOn app.

With the Haier Smart Cube connected to the app and your appliances, you can easily manage your energy consumption to save money on your bills and reduce your carbon footprint. The products within the unit control different aspects of your home, for example, the Heat Pump controller can manage your hot water and central heating.

I got to see the Smart Cube during a Haier event and talk at Ice Tank in London, and was really impressed by the concept and the amount of energy and money it can save. With more households trying to be sustainable while saving money, the Haier Smart Cube sounds like a good investment, although that’s exactly what it’ll be: an investment. 

Unlike a smart thermostat or bulb that controls one aspect of your home, the Haier Smart Cube is designed for your entire home and car (if you use the EV charger). Seeing the Haier Smart Cube reminded me of LG’s Smart Cottage which I visited at IFA last year, and with the introduction of the Haier Smart Cube, it’s encouraging that more companies are looking into these energy solutions, as a way to help consumers save money and cut down on energy consumption.

During the Haier event at Ice Tank, I got to see its new smart appliances in action, including upcoming fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and oven releases. 2024 looks to be a big year for Haier.

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