Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and 3 games just $149 at Walmart for Black Friday

Sea of Thieves, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Minecraft could be yours alongside the Xbox.

Microsoft Xbox One S All Digital Edition Walmart Black Friday deals
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Black Friday is a date that everyone should have in their calendar and this year more so than ever. As the holiday of sorts becomes more and more popular, every major retailer, from Walmart to Best Buy and beyond, slashes the prices of hot products across the broad.

T3 has been scouring the web for weeks in the build up to this week in order to find and tell you about the best deals around, from consumer electronics to kitchenware to anything else you can imagine. Make sure to keep refreshing T3 over the coming days in order to keep up-to-date on the best deals. 

One such deal is at Walmart right now: a 1TB Xbox One S (All Digital Edition) with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Fortnite Battle Royale for just $149, when it would usually be around $250. 

| Sale price $149 | Available now at Walmart

Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital Edition | 3 games | Was $249.99 | Sale price $149 | Available now at Walmart
Microsoft's latest Xbox One S All Digital Edition grants you access to the huge range of games available on the Xbox store, as well as those streamed by Xbox Game Pass. As a digital only console it is second to none. Available now with three top games for just $149.

The Xbox One S Digital Edition – meaning disc-free gaming – has won accolades from almost everyone at this point for being an absolutely beastly gaming device paired with a more-than-competent media player. Freeing up the space taken by the disc drive has made the console smaller and more efficient, too. 

While not being able to play game discs would've been a huge annoyance even just five years ago, in 2019 it's not big deal. Every major game is easily available to download online and modern broadband speeds make the process quick and easy. If you're planning on gaming online – as we're sure you are – then it really is no stress. 

Microsoft also offers the Xbox Game Pass, a separate subscription service to over 100 top-end games like Forza 4. On top of that, with this deal you get one month of Xbox Live Gold, too.

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