GoPro launches new accessory to transform your video calls

Rugged, waterproof GoPro Zeus Mini keeps you in the spotlight at all times

GoPro Zeus Mini
(Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro, maker of today's best action cameras, has launched a new accessory to help you take your video calls to the next level. The Zeus Mini is a compact LED spotlight that includes a sturdy clip and powerful magnet to enable you to attach it to a variety of surfaces. The brand already has a dedicated LED attachment (check that out in our GoPro Light Mod review), but that connects via the GoPro Media Mod, whereas this new gadget flies solo.

Even if you've invested in one of the best webcams, poor lighting can ruin the quality of a video call. Sure, it's really quite pricey for a spotlight, but there are some extra features to help elevate it well above your bog-standard ring light. A strong, 360-degree swivel lets you angle the light wherever you need it. There are four brightness levels to choose from, or you can kick it into Overdrive mode for up to 30 seconds of maximum brightness (a powerful 200 lumens). The rechargeable battery promises up to six hours of illumination. 

The Zeus Mini is a versatile solution that will come in handy outside the house, too. Just like the GoPro range, it's rugged and waterproof (to 33ft/10m), which means you'll be able to use it to add a little extra illumination to your outdoor adventures – just clip it to your hat or day sack strap. There's also a strobe mode for emergency signaling.

Since COVID landed, GoPro has pivoted its efforts to cater to the average user's everyday lockdown needs, alongside your average action cam requirements. A software update means a GoPro can now double up as a webcam. All you need is the latest camera firmware, a USB-C Cord and the GoPro Webcam desktop utility, and any cam from the HERO 4 through to the latest GoPro HERO 9 (more details here). 

The Zeus Mini is available now, priced at £49.99 / $49.99. 

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