GoPro Quik app now lets you grab hi-res stills from phone footage

The latest GoPro Quick app release means no more rubbish screengrabs of your videos

GoPro Quik app
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GoPro's Quik app just got an upgrade with a few extremely handy new features – including the ability to take still grabs from video footage captured on your phone without losing quality. The Frame Grab tool included in the 8.8 release enables you to scrub to the precise frame you want, grab the full thing at the quality it was captured at, and save it out as a JPEG. 

GoPro – the maker of today's best action cameras – launched Quik, its photo and video editing app, earlier this year, and it already includes a bunch of features that we're quite taken with. While it's designed as the solution for whipping your GoPro-captured footage into shape, it'll also happily work with any photos or video captured on your Android or Apple device. The full 8.8 update is iOS only, but Android users will have access to Frame Grab as of now.

Typically, if you wanted a still from a phone video, you'd pause and screengrab. But the upgraded Frame Grab feature is designed to be better in a whole bunch of ways. While a screengrab will only capture the resolution of the phone's screen size, a Frame Grab grab saves the image at the same quality the video was captured at. An easy-to-use scrubber enables you to locate the precise moment you want, to the exact frame. And it'll match the source video's aspect ratio, so you won't need to crop out the clock at the top, or whatever. Finally, the grab saves as a JPEG, which means the same or better resolution but in a smaller file size.

GoPro Quik app update - Frame Grab feature

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There are a new more notable updates with this release, too. The app will now auto-scan your GoPro camera for new footage, and let you transfer it into Quik with just a few clicks. The in-app music library – designed to soundtrack your video edits, complete with beat-synced transitions – has been expanded to include five new original tracks. And you can now also apply edits such as filters and photo duration to all media within a draft. 

Quik is available as a free trial, or to unlock all the features, you can subscribe for £1.99/month or £9.99/year. That price will include unlimited cloud backup of imported photos and videos at original quality when the backup feature is released later this year.

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