Google Pixel users just got this perfect free smart home upgrade

A new feature on Pixel phones allows greater integration with your smart home setup

Google Pixel 7
(Image credit: Google)

We're big fans of the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro here at T3. The latest update to Google's smartphone offering is arguably their best yet, rivalling the best Android phones and standing out with a host of brilliant features.

For example, the Google Pixel 7 Pro camera features a wealth of software and AI-powered features that propel it above the competition. From useful post-production tweaks, like Photo Unblur and Magic Eraser, to the stunning zoom technology which makes photos taken at 10x zoom look as natural as those taken with no zoom at all, the Pixel 7 Pro offers users a camera with real pedigree.

Now, one more feature has joined the device, which is going to make your smart home integrate a little better with your phone. The new update allows you to see the status of timers set on your Google Nest smart speakers from the At A Glance widget on your Pixel device.

That means you'll no longer have to ask Google for an update on your timer. Simply check your phone screen and you'll get quick access to how long is left. 

What's more, it means that you wont have to go back to the device you originally set the timer on to switch it off. That's great for users with a more complete smart home setup, with multiple speakers in multiple rooms, as you'll have complete control from your handset.

Users can set up the feature on the At A Glance settings page. A toggle switch for "Cross Device Timer" will allow you to enable the feature on your handset. 

I think this is a great upgrade. More often than not, the best features are the ones that aren't flashy, but enhance the user experience. This is definitely one of those. You might not need to use it all the time, but when you do, being able to just check your phone to get the update will be much more user-friendly.

Sam Cross
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