Google Pixel update NOW lets you take deep-sea photos on Android 11 – and much more

Google Pixel users get a bunch of updates, including Smart Compose, and a boost to Google Pixel Recorder

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Google has announced a jam-packed feature bundle for Google Pixel users. The new updates, which will start rolling out from March 2, offer a range of tasty new tricks: underwater photography, sleep scheduling assistance, a boost to sharable recordings, and new wallpapers for cultural events throughout the 2021 calendar.

The features will be available to users of the Google Pixel 2 or later running Android 11, encompassing the newer Google Pixel 5, and Google Pixel 4. Through the update, the models’ cameras will work seamlessly underwater with all the existing functions that the Google Pixel cameras have on land. 

It means that deep-sea swimmers, scuba divers, even casual adventurers, can now capture images with the Googe Pixel’s Night Sight and Portrait Mode underwater. It's also exciting news ahead of the hotly-tipped Google Pixel 5a that recently reared its head for a first look, and the upcoming Google Pixel 6.

At T3, we’ve long extolled the virtues of the Google Pixel’s photography abilities: the Google Pixel 5, with its peppy Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, puts the 12.2-megapixel camera to great effect. Of course, the prowess of these cameras is predicated more on Google’s raw image processing capabilities, over the pure finesse of the Pixel’s cameras. But it's no less impressive.

Google Pixel Photography

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In its official blog, Google outlines what is needed for the underwater capability, linking up with the Dive Case Connector app that lets Google Pixel Cameras use features like Night Sight and Portrait underwater. According to the post, one caveat is the need to pair your Google Pixel devices with the Kraken Sports waterproof phone case in order to fully function when submerged in the water.

Despite the audible sighs from the gallery around the added cost of purchasing this case, the newly created custom integration that combines the Pixel's camera with diving does remove the need for the more cumbersome equipment that is usually needed to capture great images underwater. The Kraken Sports case in itself is quite small.  

Other updates will increase the functionality of the Google Pixel's Recorder app, enabling users to share links from the app to non-Pixel users. If you use the Google Pixel Stand to wirelessly charge, updates to the clock interface will facilitate your sleep schedule: establish a better sleep pattern through the feature, and use the update to improve overall sleep quality. T3's best sleep tracker guide is the place to go for other devices that monitor sleep health. 

Smart Compose, also part of the update, helps respond to messages by predicting your responses and automating them based on texting habits. 

The update is slowly rolling out to users and will do so over the next few weeks. Users of the Google Pixel 3Google Pixel 3A, Google Pixel 4A, can also expect the update, but it may vary in time to update based on your carrier.

Source: The Verge

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