Google Pixel Tablet could get more official accessories soon

It could make the Pixel Tablet a much more compelling option

Google Pixel Tablet
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel Tablet was unveiled at Google I/O recently. The device is the first Pixel-branded tablet from Google, joining the stable of popular devices like the Google Pixel 7 Pro, as well as the Google Pixel Fold announced at the same event.

The Pixel Tablet is set to be released to the public in June. When it was launched, only a handful of accessories were noted, including the iconic charging dock and a case with a metal ring to stand it up.

But those may not be the only options. That's according to well respected Google tipster, Kamila Wojciechowska. In a series of tweets, Wojciechowska noted the existence of a Pixel Stylus and a Pixel Keyboard.

The tweets also suggested that the delays to those accessories could point to a larger series of delays for the product line in general. The Pixel Tablet had been initially expected last year.

I think these two accessories make a lot of sense. While they certainly aren't game changing, it makes the complete package a lot easier to enjoy. It also makes it a more compelling offering. 

Rivals like the iPad and even the new OnePlus Pad come with keyboard and stylus accessories to match up and work seamlessly. And while there's no outright need to use the matching accessories, many will prefer to have a system that was designed to integrate. 

There's no indication of when these may be announced – or indeed, if they will at all. But with the tablet hitting the market in a few weeks time, it would make a lot of sense for Google to get them out as soon as possible.

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