Google Pixel Buds A accidentally announced on Twitter

Google’s upcoming budget earbuds are posted on Android’s Twitter feed

Google Pixel Buds A
(Image credit: Google 9 to 5)

Following the first leak of the new Pixel Buds A back in March, we now have more confirmation that the earbuds are coming, and likely very soon. The Android Twitter account posted a product announcement for “the new Pixel Buds A-Series” on Tuesday but took it down again 10 minutes later.

According to the post, the Pixel Buds A will feature new one-tap Bluetooth pairing thanks to the updated Fast Pair experience. From the attached image, I expect this works much like Apple’s AirPod pairing, in that when the open case is held near your phone, the option to pair is displayed. All you need to do is press the connect button.

From the previous leaks, we expect that the Pixel Buds A will be available in a range of colors, including the white pictured here and a forest green. While no pricing information has been released, it’s likely that they will come in below the $179 / £149 / AU$279 of the Pixel Buds 2. This is given the A denomination, which has suggested a lower price product on other Google devices.

Google Pixel Buds A

The original Tweet from Android

(Image credit: Gizmondo)

The Pixel Buds A could even go head-to-head with Amazon’s Echo Buds, which start from $99 (approx. £72/AU$128).

Google 9 to 5, who first reported the tweet, suggest that the official release is likely to coincide with I/O 2021, starting on May 18. If that’s correct, we might not have very long to wait until we know the full details.  

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