Google to launch budget Pixel Buds A

Google’s upcoming Pixel Buds A are affordable wireless earphones set to rival Apple’s Airpods

Google Pixel Buds
(Image credit: Google)

The Pixel Buds A will be the next true wireless earphones to receive the Made by Google stamp. Following on from the Pixel Buds 2, released in 2020, the A delineation suggests that, like the Google Pixel 4a, this is a more affordable set that could sit alongside a premium offering.

Unlike the original wireless Pixel Buds, which carried a wire between the earphones, the Pixel Buds A are true wireless earbuds and will look very similar to the completely wireless Pixel Buds 2. The main point of difference is their coloring, coming in white and forest green versions.

Rather than the two-tone black and white of the Clearly White or the green and black of the Quite Mint, the new models will feature a single color across the entire ear pod, and that color will be matched in the inside of the white case.    

While little is known about the exact specs of the Pixel Buds A, 9to5google reports that they will offer the same touch controls for media and Google assistant. However, unless the Pixel Buds 2 are also getting an upgrade this year, we expect the specs of the Buds A to be slightly diminished from the existing model.

The good news here is that the A variant should come in at a more affordable price. With the Pixel Buds 2 currently selling for $179 / £149 / AU$279, we expect the Buds A to come in slightly below that, likely undercutting the current Apple Airpods.   

No timing has been given for this release but we’re expecting some announcements from the Google camp in June in the form of the much-anticipated Google Pixel 5A. We hope this will also include the Pixel Buds A. Stay tuned!

Mat Gallagher

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