Google Pixel 6A suddenly looks less appealing

The price just isn't quite right, especially with Pixel 6 promotions this Amazon Prime Day

Google Pixel 6a
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The Google Pixel 6A's pre-order launch date is almost upon us. You can register your interest in Google's budget 2022 device from 21 July. But is it really worth it?

Don't get me wrong, I love the Pixel series, as Google inevitably does Android best. But there's a problem that suddenly makes the 6A look a lot less appealing. 

There's nothing wrong with the device itself, per se, it's just that the £399 / $449 / AUD$749 asking price, while fair in this market, is now way too close to the original Pixel 6. Is that good enough to make it one of the best cheap phones?

Indeed, in the UK you can pick up a Pixel 6 right now for a mere £50 more than the Pixel 6A will cost (that's one of Amazon Prime Day's best deals). To me that's a no-brainer: you get great hardware and it can be delivered to your door before the 6A model is even up for pre-sale. 

Google Pixel 6A vs Pixel 6: Which to choose?

So has Google just shot itself in the foot here? This kind of price-drop scenario often happens right across the board, but it's more apparent now than ever due to brands' 'lite' devices typically shipping a little later in the calendar due to chip shortages pushing things back. I've seen the same with Samsung and its FE 21 model, for example, so Google has fallen foul of the very same.

That said, there's nowt wrong with the Pixel 6A. Indeed, if you're looking for a smaller handset then it's the one to go for: the 6A's 6.1-inch screen compared to the Pixel 6's 6.4-inch screen being a key point of difference between the two. The 6A also lowers the refresh rate to 60Hz (compared to 90Hz) and the camera resolution is 12-megapixel (rather than 50MP). 

I'll be reviewing the Google Pixel 6A in due course, however, so perhaps there will be a revelation during my time with the handset that'll cause me to change my mind overall. But it's hard to ignore what a bargain the original Pixel 6 is right now...

Mike Lowe
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