Google Pixel 4: devastating new leak reveals EVERYTHING about 2019 flagship

Gesture controls, improved Google Assistant, upgraded Night Sight

Google Pixel 4 Leak Release Date
(Image credit: ProAndroid)

On the eve of the iPhone 11 launch, a promotional video about the Google Pixel 4 has leaked online. And it reveals just about everything there is to know about the forthcoming flagship phone, which is tipped to launch in early October.

The advertisement, which has a very official look to it, shows off the controversial square-camera module from more angles, emphasises the gesture-controls available in the handset, and showcases an upgraded Night Sight feature for the camera.

The advert, which was shared by blog ProAndroid, confirms Google Assistant will be more conversational when used on the handset, enabling Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL owners to chain multiple requests together without prefacing everything with "OK, Google". This is something Google showcased in beta at its Google IO developer conference earlier this year.

The chatty AI assistant will also be able to drill-down into your Google Photos library to find specific images and then send them to your contacts – all without users touching the handset.

The gesture controls, which are included as part of the same facial recognition system that will challenge Face ID on the iPhone, are revealed in the advert controlling playback of a track on YouTube Music.

Elsewhere, Night Mode appears to have been upgraded to better handle objects in motion and contains a new mode specifically designed to handle stars in the night sky, which was previously revealed in a report from technology blog 9To5Google to be called "Astrophotography Mode".

Unfortunately, there's no confirmation of whether the new triple-camera set-up will be able to offer improved optical zoom to tackle the likes of the Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and others. The advertisement doesn't reveal the finalised colours for the Pixel 4 line-up, which is rumoured to come in a bright orange finish.

Based on what we've seen in this advertisement, it seems like Google's pitch for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will leverage the popularity of some of its services, including YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, and YouTube Music. The advertisement says "What happens when the people who made all of this put everything they know into one of these?". For those who haven't seen the advert, the "all of this" refers to the Google-owned services and the "one of these" refers to a smartphone.

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